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Kerala HSE Plus one Physics Sample question Paper for 2012 exam

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Kerala HSE physics sample question paper of first year higher secondary examination is given here. It contains important questions and contains questions from two volumes of physics text book. it will help you in improving your attitude towards your examination.

Kerala HSE physics sample question paper of first year higher secondary examination is given here. It contains important questions and contains questions from two volumes of physics text book. it will help you in improving your attitude towards your examination.


First year higher secondary examination - 60 Scores

1. A stone tied to the end of a string is whirled by a boy in a horizontal circle
at constant velocity.While doing this experiment, he realised that the force
required for rotation may depend upon mass m velocity, v and radius r.
(a) Find the formula for force required for rotating using the method of
(b) Check the correctness of this formula using the method of dimensions.

2) Velocity of water waves may depends upon their wave length λ,the density of
water ρ, and the acceleration due to gravity g. Find the relation between
these quantities by method of dimension.

3. A boy throws a cricket ball with a velocity u at an angle q with horizontal.
(a) What is the path followed by the ball?
(b) What are the vertical and horizontal components of velocity at the
highest point?
(c) Derive expression for time of flight and horizontal range of the ball.

4. A block of mass m rests on an inclined plane at an angle of q with the
(a) Draw a diagram representing various forces acting on the block.
(b) When the mass just begins to slide down, what is the coefficient of
friction between block and surface?

5. There is a story in Greek mythology, a stone thrown upward by the Hero
Hercules never comes back.
a) What happens to the stone?
b) Derive an expression for such a situation.
c) A space craft consumes more fuel in going from the earth to the Moon than
it takes for a returnship. Comment.

6. A satellite goes round the earth in a circular orbit of radius r and speed V.
a. Give an expression for potential energy, Kinetic energy of the satellite.
b. Give expression for total energy.
c. If the satellite loses energy, will the value of r and v increase or
decrease. Why?

7) An object is moving along x-axis in such a way that its displacement is given
by x = 30 + 20t2, Where 'x' is in metre and't' in second
a) Find acceleration of the object.
b) What will be initial and final velocities?

a) Give any two difference between Plane progressive wave and Standing wave.
b) S.T in a closed pipe only Odd harmonics are possible.
c) Sound produced by Open organ pipe is more shriller than that produced by
Closed Organ pipe. Explain.

9. a) Pick out the two scalar quantities in the following lists.
Force, angular momentum , , current, linear momentum, electric field,
velocity, magnetic moment
b) The position of the particle is given by r= 3ti-2t2j+4k where t is in
i) Find v & a of the particle
ii) Give the magnitude &direction of velocity of the particle at t=2 s

10) Match the following.
a) Mayer's relation PVg = constant.
b) Adiabatic process CP - CV = R.
c) Frequency a Sin (kx - wt)
d) S. H.M 1/T.

11. When a longitudinal tension is given to a steel wire, it is elongated.
a) Name the law that gives the relation between applied force and elongation
of steel wire.
b) State the law.
c) Find out the load to be suspended at the end of a Brass wire at length
18m to stretch it through 1 mm. The diameter of the wire is 0.2m.Y=90 GPa.

12) Energy possessed by a body by virtue of motion is known as kinetic energy
a) Derive relation between linear momentum 'p' and kinetic energy 'K'.
b) If momentum of the body is increased by 20% , what will be the increase
in the kinetic energy of the body.
c) A body is moving unidirectionally under the influence of a source of
constant power. S.T its displacement in time't' is proportional to t^3/2.

13) Material which regain original size and shape on removal of deforming force
is known as elastic
a) Is stress a vector quantity. Why?
b) What is the Young's modulus for a perfect rigid body?
c) Why modulus of elasticity of most materials decreases with the increase
of temperature?

14. The displacement of a particle in SHM is given by y = asinwt. From this
derive expressions for maximum velocity and maximum acceleration. Also draw
their graphs.

15) Substance used in Refrigerator is known as refrigerant
a) Give name of commonly used refrigerant
b) A Refrigerator A works between -10℃ and 27℃ while refrigerator B works
between -20℃ and 17℃, both remove heat equal to 2000J from freezer.
Which of the two is better?

16) Velocity of mechanical wave through a medium is determined by elasticity and
inertia of the medium.
a) Velocity of sound is greater in solids than in gases, why?
b) Which assumption were made by Newton for propagation of sound through air
c) Explain why speed of sound through air increases with humidity?

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