Ningalkum Akam Kodeeswaran- A new highlight show in Asianet

Ningalkum Akam Kodeeswaran is a quiz based game show that is showed in the most popular channel Asianet. Watch this game show to earn some good general knowledge. Read this article to get a glimpse to Ninglkum akam Kodeeswaran. The article also discuss the rules and regulation of this program.

Ningalkum Akam kodeeswaran is a quiz based game show conducted in Asianet channel. It is not only an entertainment show but also an informative program. The program is anchored by the megastar action hero Sureh Gopi. This program give the opportunity for the talented people to earn upto 1 crore, by simply answering certain question asked by the quiz master. The program is sponsored by Big synergy media limited and shown in the Asianet channel.

How to participate in Ningalkum akam Kodeeshwaran

All like to be part of this kind of programs because of earning money with out hard work. The making of money on this program is purely through the talent. Sometimes lucky to be needed to win. So, you all are like to know how to participate on this program. To participate in this program, you have to answer 8 question asked one by one in each day. Any how the first phase is over; you can take part in the future phase of this program through this method. What should you do to take part in the program Ningalkum Akam Kodeeswaran. Here I will describe how to participate in this quiz oriented game show. You have to answer the question asked by the anchor in each day. There are 8 questions and each question has 4 options. You can choose either option from these as your answer

Registration through SMS

Given below the process and format of registering to Ningalkum akam Kodeeshwaran through SMS:
  • Step-1: You have to register your phone number to this program by sending an SMS. The format for sending SMS is given below:
  • Step-2: After receiving your SMS in prescribed format they will send an acknowledgement for taking the registration process. And they will ask you to send your details like age, gender and pincode, through the prescribed format given below:
  • Step-3: After getting the above message in the prescribed format, they will send another acknowledgement. This will says that, Thank you for registering, If you are shortlisted will call you back, please attend the call to complete the process.

Rules and regulation in Ninagalkum akam Kodeeswaran

There are total 15 questions in this contest. To earn 1 crore a contestant must answer the entire 15 question correctly. There is four options available for each question. You will get 1000 Rs for answering first question, for second question you will get 2000, for third question you will get 3000, for third question you will get 5000. From that question you will get double cash of the previous prize. That is for fifth question you will get 10000. For 6th question you will get 20000 and so on. To get the cash you will reach minimum 10000. To get more than 10000 you have to complete 320000 Rs. You will not get any cash more than 10000 if you are out between 10000 and 320000. After 320000 you have get the payment only in 10000000. That is you will get sure prize only you have complete the questions up to five, ten, and fifteen. There are 3 lifelines are available in this game show. They are Fifty- fifty, Audience poll and call a friend. In Fifty-fifty the host will erase two wrong options from the given four options. So you can take either answer from the available two answers. In audience poll, audience can give vote for the options of the question. You can either choose the answer supported by the most members or according to your interest. The next one is call a friend. You can call one of your friends for the help of choosing answer. Here also you can say the answer said by the friend or your interest.

Advantage of Ningalkum Akam Kodeeswaran

Ningalkum akam Kodeeswaran is not only a game show, but also a knowledge sharing program. Because it is a quiz oriented program. So People who watch this program able to earn some good general knowledge. So the program is not a time wasting program. Children are like to watch these type of program, so through this program they able to get knowledge along with the entertainment. The disadvantages of this program I have feel that some questions are not upto the standard. It may be to make the first levels are more simple.

Presentation of Ningalkum akam Kodeeswaran

Presentation of Ningalkum akam kodeeswaran is making tremendous by the action hero Suresh Gopi. He proves he is a good anchor too apart from the actor in film. He has made the show some times more tensioned and some time more funny. The key sentence noticed by everyone who watches this show is that " Dhe poyi Dha vannu". This is used to indicate the break interval. Totally the presentation is good enough to attract the people.

Time schedule of Ningalkum akam kodeeswran

Ninglkum akam Kodeeswaran is shown in Asianet on the days from Monday to Thursday every night at 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm. The time is very good and comfortable for every one to watch. The people are rescheduled their activity, just to watch this show. There is a repeat of this show is available in morning 11.30 am to 1.00 pm.

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