Turmeric - Its importance and use in Kerala

The applications of turmeric is widely used in India especially Kerala. We know that turmeric is one of the spice which we use in our day to day life. The molecules named curkumin makes it a medicinal plant.

Turmeric is one of the most important medicinal plants seen in India. It is also a spice. When turmeric is added in the dishes, then it absorbs the poisonous substance from it. That's why turmeric is one of the detoxifying agents in the category of spices. In India especially Kerala the low rate of cancer is due to the addition of turmeric in our dishes. Turmeric protects our body from the chance of mucus, choler, distaste, leprous and itch. It prevents pimples and increase the color and softness of the skin. In Kerala the use of turmeric in the time after the birth of a new born baby is an important course. It has more medicinal power to prevent the microbes. So it applies on the skin to remove the wounds caused by chicken pox. This is why turmeric is one of the effective medicines to cure several skin diseases.The rhizome which is grown under the soil is mostly used with medicinal value. It contains one of the oil and the content of the oil is turmerol, turmeron etc. in addition to that, it contains curkumic. It gives the yellow colour and also several resins and alkaloids seen in it.

Applications of turmeric

Turmeric has more medicinal value and many applications are related to these medicine. They are
1. The oil made up by the equal proportion of the turmeric juice and gingerly oil is applied on the ear to get relief from the diseases and pain due to that.
2. Inhaling of the smoke prepared by burning the turmeric at the night cures the cold.
3. Turmeric cream is an effective medicine for the insect (scorpion, centipede etc) bites.
4. Daily use of turmeric, gooseberry and chittamrith will decrease the diabetes.
5. The use of turmeric inside and outside of the body helps to increase the colour of face.
In ayurveda the use of turmeric as an antiseptic is one of the important facts. It is a better choice to apply the turmeric on the wounds. Turmeric control the flow of blood makes frequent curing of wounds. The diseases due to alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking, poisonous chemical from the food, water etc and metal particles prevents by the use of valuable medicine known as turmeric. Also it is an important medicine for the wounds and ulcers inside the stomach.

Importance of curkumin

The specialty of turmeric to cure many of the diseases is because, of the curkumin molecules in it. The curkumin is one of the important molecules from all the three molecules of turmeric. The increased amount of this molecule makes the turmeric yellow coloured. curkumin is one of the molecules which are functioned in all the specks in the body. Turmeric has the ability to help our body from 'vaatham'. The in-numerous importance of turmeric makes it a useful medicine which is applicable in the day to day life. The scientists pointed that to get a complete protection of our body, it is necessary to give 10g of turmeric to the body. By the way of modern technology, it is made possible to differentiate the pure curkumin content from the turmeric. That's why the necessary medicinal substance from the turmeric is differentiated and the uses of them are formulated. Another application of the differentiation of kurkumin from the turmeric is to protect the turmeric for more days and in the same way it helps to increase the quality. From the present study of turmeric gives the idea of a small variation of kukumin. Our body does not absorbs the curkumin which we eat. But body absorbs about 50 to 55% of the curkumin. The absorbed curkumin changes in to other molecules after 2 to 3 hours. This is why the our body does not get the suitable amount of medicine. So when we eat 10g of curkumin our body gets only 400 ml from it.

The curcuma longa is the scientific name of turmeric with which is categorized in the family of singibaresa that are grown in all the areas of India. The sludge area with sufficient temperature and moisture is necessary for the growth of turmeric. Turmeric is also a protecting shield against the most dangerous diseases like Aids, cancer etc. This is why the turmeric is one of the most valuable gifts of god to the life existing in the earth. Keep an eye to protect the medicinal plants like turmeric for the protection of a healthy generation.

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