Onam special recipes – Ingredients, preparation steps

Read here about Ingredients, preparation steps of 2012 Onam special recipes. Onam is the harvest festival of Malayalis. Find here Some important traditional recipes prepared during Onam which are described below. Onam is one of the greatest and famous festivals in Kerala state.

Yes, it's a time to taste the recipes of harvest festival. Malayalis enjoy their fest with Sweets, Pickles, side dishes, Ozhichu curry, Desserts. Different recipes are generally presented during festive occasions and ceremonies and also signify good omen, happiness and prosperity. Mostly Onam recipes are served in Banana leaf. Some of them are listed below in brief. Take a glance and taste the recipe.

Simple Narration about Onam recipes

Appam Recipe

Appam is a traditional recipe of Onam. Ingredients and preparation are mentioned below. Take a glance know the preparation procedure.
Ingredients of Appam: Boiled rice, Yeast, Sugar and Grated Coconut are the main ingredients needed for Appam preparation.

Preparation steps of Appam Receipes : Soak the rice in water for 2 hours. Grind the boiled rice and soaked rice to a smooth paste. Coconut, Yeast and sugar are to be grinded with boiled rice. Leave the mixture of paste overnight for fermentation. Add a pinch of soda and salt to the fermented mixture and leave it for ½ an hour. Appam make using Appachattis.

Banana Halva Recipe

Banana halva is a delicious sweet of Onam. Ingredients and preparation of Banana Halva described below.

Ingredients of Banana Halva: Ripe bananas, Nutmeg ground, Ghee and sugar. These are the main ingredients needed for Banana Halva preparation.

Preparation steps of Banana Halva Recipe :Heat the ghee in heavy pan. Peel and mash the banana. Add bananas and cook over low heat, stir the mixture to avoid sticking. Leave until the banana gets brown and resemble to soft toffee. Required amount of sugar is to be added and stirred well until dissolved. Remove from heat and add the Nutmeg and cardamoms to get pleasant smell. Allow it to cool and cut into pieces of desired shapes.

Ada Prathamam Recipe

Ada prathamam is also a main recipe of Onam. Ingredients and preparation steps are described below.

Ingredients of Ada Prathamam: Rice, Salt and Banana leaf are the main ingredients needed for preparation of Ada Prathamam.

Preparation steps of Ada Prathamam Recipe :Soak rice in water for an hour. Grind the soaked rice until smooth. Spread thin layer of rice paste on banana leaf. Roll the leaf carefully and cooked under steam for 10-12 mins.After boiling, open it carefully, sprinkle cold water if it's sticky. Cool down completely, and then cut into small bits.

Puffed Rice Recipe

Puffed rice is an important recipe in Onam. This is very easy recipe, very good and healthy snack for kids. Ingredients and preparation Steps are listed below.

Ingredients of Puffed Rice Recipe: Puffed rice and Chikkicha Gool (type of jaggery it's very sticky and chewier than normal jaggery).

Preparation steps of Recipe:Chikkicha gool is added in a pan. In medium heat allow the jaggery to melt and starts its boiling. Once its start boiling adds the puffed rice and mix it well. Test it for right sticky condition and remove from heat.

Carrot Pachadi Recipe

Carrot pachadi is also a delicious recipe of Onam. Ingredients and preparation of carrot pachadi is as follows.

Ingredients of Carrot Pachadi:Carrot, Green Chilly, Grated Coconut, Curd, Mustard Seeds, dry red Chilly, Curry Leaves, Oil and Salt these are the needed ingredients of Carrot pachadi.

Preparation Steps of Carrot Pachadi Recipe: Grate the Carrot and boil the grated Carrot, chopped green chillies with little water and salt. Grind the grated coconut add ½ tsp mustard seeds with the curd. Add grounded coconut curd mixture into it and stir it well. Dry chilly, curry leaves are added to the heated oil in a pan. Pour the seasoning into carrot pachadi and mix thoroughly.

These are main delicious recipes of Onam.

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