Literary Personalities

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Balamani Amma : The grandmother of Malayalam literature

Balamani Amma is a famous poetess in Malayalam language. Balamani Amma,for her great works,was given several awards including Saraswati Samman, Padma Bhushan award & Ezhuthachan award respectively. Padma Bhushan award is the highest civilian award given in India.

Kumaran Asan:Mahakavi of Kerala

Kumaranasan the mahakavi of Kerala has brought a fresh phase to the poetry of Malayalam like a fresh and fragrant breeze in dry summer, through his literary works.

P.T.Bhaskara Panikkar

Bhaskara Panikkar,P.T. is known for his active involvement in popularising science through various publications in Malayalam. His contributions in reforming the education system in Kerala cannot also be overlooked. He has published several books and wrote several articles in different journals.

Bhaskaran Master-The Ever Green Poet of Malayalam

P.Bhaskaran, though a poet has written more songs for films. He was an award winning film director, an actor, a producer, a lyricist, a journalist, a poet and a freedom fighter. His film, Neela kuyil, directed jointly with Ramu Karyat brought the national award for the first time to Kerala. His Iruttinte Atmavu was highly recognized at the State and National level. Bhaskaran Master got the J.C.Daniel award.

S A Jameel-Biography-Mappila Songs Singer and Poet-Well Known for Dubay Kathu Pattu

S A jameel, well known for his Dubay Kathu Pattu is a popular mappila pattu singer and poet. He is entered in this field in 1970 through his song Dubai Kathu Pattu. Even today, people used to download Dubay Kathu Pattu and other kathu paatu of S A Jameel. Here you can read the biography of S A Jameel. Here you can find a detailed description of his early life and songs.

ONV Kurupp - The Legendry Poet Of Malayalam

ONV Kurupp is a renowned malayalam poet, who has endeared himself to Malayalees with his literary talent. He was a poet, lyricist, cultural leader and a writer of Malayalam prose. He was chosen for Padmavibhooshan award by the central government

'Pravasam'-M.Mukhundan's class novel.

M.Mukhundan writes about the agonies and joys of expats in his novel named 'Pravasam'Any malayalee who reads this novel gets engrossed in it, as it have real life charecters whom they can relate to.

Vyloppilli Sreedhara Menon

Vyloppilli is a short name in Malayalam literature remembered by every literary loving people. His poems, especially 'Mampazham' is known to every Malayalee. Some of his collections are sold out like hot cakes. Sahitya Academy and other awards went after him.

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