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    Why God needs money ?

    I write this thread when I recently seen a paper announcement reporting that Sabarimala earnings in this year is more than 41 crores. Out of this 16 crores is from offerings. This is only the first 20 days earning report during Mandalakalam.

    Now I have following questions, Why God needs money ? Will God do justice to peoples who give money to God? Is this money going to right hands ?

    Giving money to God is not the right way of workship. It is not the right way to the God. Do some good things. Let me explain a situation I have seen in a temple. A person who is very rich put 1000 money in the box of temple. When he returns a small child ask him for money saying that she has not taken food for two days. But he simply ignore her and leave the place. Now let me ask a simple question, Will God do anything for this rich men ?

    First try to understand the sadness of people around you and help them with your money rather than giving offerings to God. It will bring happiness in your life.
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    It is not god needs money. This temple is run by board and all income and expenditure are duly authenticated and accounted for. Scores of pilgrims visit this temple every year and the contributed money goes into the development of temple and for the welfare of the pilgrims. And i think there is no doubt about this.

    K Mohan

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    Mohan sir,
    Thanks for your valuable response.

    But I don't agree with you. Look at the income which Sabarimala has got in the first 30 days of Mandalakalam. Its 41 crores. It is not a small amount. If this money has given to any charity centers it can build up the life of many often. I think that God will be blessed with peoples who help others but not the offerings to God. I have also seen that some persons saying that "If you fulfill a particular thing I will put 1000 money in temple". Actually they are offering bribe to God. The right way to god is by helping others.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    Mr.Nijin, you are right. God does not need any money. But devotees believe that when they share some of their earnings with such temples, they become mentally satisfied. It is the authorities of the temple who decide how to spend this money. At least a portion will be spent for the improvements of the temple and the vicinity. Because next year also people should come there, if possible more in number.
    A good share will go to the pockets of several people including those in power and the political parties which control those in power. In fact these worship centres have become business centres. Devotees put thousands of rupees (now dollars and Euros are also pouring in !) in these 'bhandarams' with a belief that it is being used for the sake of the improvement of the temple.

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    now a days devotion is the best business in India. God doesn't need money but one who manages this business needs money.

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    Thank you Nijin for this wonderful and well written article.I strongly appreciate your sentiment and concern as reflected in your article and thanks once again for sharing this with spiderkerala.

    Every year thousands and lakhs of devotees have been pouring into famous temples and other religious places.In Sabarimala the scenario is awestruckingly increasing.People who clamour about the rise in essentials including food prices, petrol etc gives sacks of money to religious centres without shame or delay.This has made the religious places, as rightly said in the comments, the "most successful business centres".The authorities of religious places are becoming small ambanis every year.

    But we need to see the other side of the coin too.In temples or other religious places no one is asked to donate money or forcefully persuade the devotees to contribute money.It is a voluntary activity.

    A temple like Sabarimala is controlled and maintained by the state government (devaswom board).The money from the temple,as per rules,should directly reach the treasury which is used for the welfare of the people and the temple.A religious place attracting people of huge number should provide basic amenities to the devotees visiting that place.

    41 crores is actually a small amount compared to 2g spectrum case and lavlin case.The question should be therefore whether the government is spending the hard earned money of the devotees in the right direction?

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    Hi Nijin,

    God doesn't needs any money. Each and every year the devotees who visited in sabarimala temple is increasing. sabarimala income is also growing every year. All the money in sabarimala is handled by Travancore devasam board. Usage of money in the name of cleaning tha pilgrim and others is worthless. They have no more plannings. Each year they planned but develpopments has no more progress.

    Only think that is properly doing is Annadanam. But many times the annadanam is done by donations. Now travancore devasom board are made Donating room .

    If a man drop a 1000 rupees note to the box in the temple , it means when he gives 1000 to god he expect more from god. some people thinks if his business is in succes it is due to the god's wish and he gave a commision of his business to god.
    But he doesn't think that god doesn't needs any money. if he gives that money to an poor people, you will get some goodness or virtue.
    peoples have to think about virtues .Through this we can satisfy god .we cannot satisfy the god with a 1000 rupee note or other offers.



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    Hello Nijin ashok,

    You have asked very intelligent questions "Why God needs money ? Will God do justice to peoples who give money to God? Is this money going to right hands ?"

    I am trying to give my opinion about these questions. Well Friend India is a great country where a lot of people related to different- different religion.

    People worship of different- different Gods with different - different culture. It is faith of people to put money in front of God. But in reality God is not asking money form anyone. It is only faith on God.

    In many Holy books it is written that if anyone gives something to needy people, it is the greatest worship of God.

    Due to this faith some clever person are taking profit in terms of money from many person. They are making business in the name of God by cheating devotee person.

    With Regards,

    Gopal Singh Rawat

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