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    Why Should I Join

    Why Should I Join This question, I have asked myself, many times before I join SPK. I never thought I would join this site, as I was quite busy with TSR and some other spidersites. At that time Biju Cherian Sir asked me to join at SPK. Actually my problems was that, I have heard about a lot on Nature's Beauty of Kerala, but I personally don't know anything about this place Kerala. So with that thought, I refrained myself joining from SPK. But Biju Sir's encouraging words, gave me some hope, so I joined here on 1st of Jan 2011.

    I used to ask Biju Sir, that why should I join SPK as I do not know anything about and what to write on Spiderkerala. He used to tell me, that I will get an anwer for this question soon. Yes, he is right. I got the answer now. Within 35 to 40 days of time reached my Second Adsense Earnings of $106 and I am expecting my cheque in another week's time. Out of this I have got 50% of revenue from TSR and other Spidersites and 50% exclusively from SPK. For this I want to thank specially SPK and Biju Cherian Sir.

    Soon after joining this site, he used to suggest me some topics to write on and I simply followed him, and to my great surprise, I found my topics getting indexed very quickly on the very first page of google. Then came the Makarajyothi festival on January and Biju sir asked me to write a topic on that. Here is the article:Makaravilakku Live Telecast Because of this article, I got a lot of traffic on my resouce and it fetched me around $8 on a single day. It was my highest in my adsense century for a particular day. Actually to be frank, the article has the nothing other than some good keywords, and I have posted it on the right time and at right site, that made a magic. Posting a right article on a right site have a great impact. From then only I came to know that, current topics would fetch more than anything. In due course, I got a lot of adsense earnings from SPK.

    When you google, you can very well see the growth aspects of SPK. On the very first page of google, there will be atleast one or two topics covered on current topics from Spiderkerala. When your article is indexed on the first page means, you have a lot of chance to get visitors to your article, that eventually fetch good revenue to the site as well as to you.

    Everyday SPK is coming up with lot of resource contests and is encouraging and motivating us with more awards and rewards, which so far, I have not seen anywhere other than SPK. So why not concentrate on contests entries and win more awards? It's always good to have a healthy competition right? Apart from these contests, if we concentrate more on the topics listed by Tony Sir and Biju Cherian Sir, definitely I challenge you that you would get more earnings not only from our site but with adsense too.

    Hope my journey will continue forever with the support of everyone here at SPK. Thank you all.
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    Thank you very much for telling us this news it is helping us very much.

    Rao Sandeep Yadav

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    Hello Sowmya,

    In the above post "Why Should I Join", you write that you joined spk at 1st of Jan 2011.i have an doubt that at that time you alredy have an Google adsence account. or you got account through SPK as a Gold level member. In spk's rule we got adsense account through spk only when we reaches Gold level.pls clear my doubt.i have little confusion about Google adsense program.



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    Hello Ranjith

    You are right Mr. Ranjith. I had Adsense account before joining this spiderkerala. Before joining this site, I was an active member at ISC and a diamond member too. So I just associated that one with SPK. The reason for setting up the rule to become eligible for adsense at Gold level is that, upon reaching this gold level, you would have become an experienced writer of our site and would have written more number of quality resources which enables you to get your google adsense soon. Hope your doubts are cleared. All the best for your adsense too.


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    Hi Sowmya,

    It was nice reading your story. Hope you have learnt a lot about Kerala now!!!!


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    Hello Sowmya,

    Thank you for Clearing My Doubts regarding Google Adsense account. Sowmya, i had also one doubt. If we have Diffetent spider accounts(spiderkerala,indiastudy channel,Tamil spider,Mumbai spider etc), can we post the same article in different spider accounts.If i wants to post a resource in World cup and i post that resource in all spiders website and can i got rewards from all above sites.



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    Thanks for the valuable information given in the posting and the subsequent comments of other members on the subject.

    I am new member joined in Feb, 2011. I joined it out of curiosity as to what it is and how much information it gives about Kerala. At the time of joining I had no intention of earning any money. Generally I am not interested in doing things only for making money.

    After joining, I did not go through the rules, regulations and the help topics. I just started writing and posting. Most of my posting had gone to the wrong sides in the sense, what I should have posted in resources, were posted in forums and vice-versa.

    After a few postings when the editors/moderators/other well wishers went through, I was advised to go through the hep topics to improve and post appropriately. Now I have gone through the help topics and have a fair idea. I will follow the guidelines and post my articles accordingly in future.

    immediately after joining, I had to go out of station for about 15 days. But in this time I have come into the silver membership.

    I use this facility as a place for posting my ideas, improve my knowledge, improve my writing skills, exchange of views. I have not yet invited any of my friends to visit the postings. I am trying to understand the help topics/rules/regulations etc and shall be inviting my friends to visit in due course.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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