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    Are our girls safe?Discuss

    Nowadays the cruelty against girls is increasing. Not only against girls, but to all females. Some years back, such incidents were rare in Kerala. But now in Kerala "The Gods own country", the safety of girls is in doubt. When girls are out to job or schools, their parents used to be in tension till they are back home safe. What made our society to change like this? We are very proud to say that we are 100% literate. Is this the literacy we have gained? Is this the so called "Indian Culture"? We should feel shame on this.

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    On the whole the girls are safe. Thanks to the enlightened parents, girl children are given as much education as the boys, unlike as in the old days. So the girls are educated and intelligent and are wise to the circumstances.

    The society is active and interfere promptly and sometimes violently if some untoward incidents are known.
    The media also takes up the issues prominently and make the authorities take stringent measures against the perpetrators of the wrongs.

    The IT companies require their employees to work in the night also. Hence there is safety for even those who have to work in the night and late hours.

    In spite of all these there will be incidents of harassments to ladies/girls for the biological and emotional reasons. That cannot be prevented as there are all sorts of people in the society and there will be a small section of womanizers also who create the problem in earlier days and now also.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Now a days our society is developing much more than older age. But it is good to discuss that Girls are safe or not today. In our society some people have developed but some are not. I think due to this, We see allround these type of activity.

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    Hai Mr. Ramanathan,

    Thank you for your response. There are three possible reasons you have listed are biological, emotional and a small section of womanizers. And this cannot be prevented.
    If the same question was asked to the parents or relatives of a victim, this wouldn't have the answer.
    If we go through news papers, at least one such incident we can see daily. If at all those stated above are the reasons, I just don't think that our law is that weak to handle it. If the culprits are punished suitably in time, rather than thinking so casually, the re-occurrence could be avoided.


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