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    Do we need more BEVCO outlets?

    So many years back, on our way side there was a black board written ARRACK (charayam in Malayalam). But some time back the production and sales were banned. While banning arrack there was a promise, soon Kerala will be a "dry state" as Gujarat. Most of our house wives were happily welcomed that announcement. But instead of keeping the promise, the boards were replaced as BEVCO outlets. In every street corner these boards are available. Our state witnessed so many liquor tragedies, like Vypin, Kalluvathuckal etc. Still do we need more outlets?

    Let us discuss this issue seriously.

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    When we force our Govt. for a liquor ban we should keep in mind that the the excise duty from liquor is the largest revenue for the govt. In such a state like Kerala, where industries have an unhealthy growth and where the trade unions make stratergies to wind up an industry before the management plans to start and govt.'s attitude is not supporting to industry and agreculture, how the govt. can survive after a complete ban of liquor.

    Kerala is not the only place in the world where liquors are sold. It is sold all over the world except some contries like saudi.

    If the people, who are forcing the govt. to impose a ban on liquors, are worried about the production and marketing of unauthorised liquors and the incidents like vypin or kalluvathulkal which are occured due to consumption of fake liquors, why these are happens. Did you think of it?

    These all are happens because of unavailability of authorised liquor in cheep rate. If the govt. impose a complete ban on liquors, production and marketing of liquor in black will be the major industry in Kerala.

    To avoide the incidents like Vypin and Kalluvathulkal, I think the best solution will be the supply of authorised liquor in cheep rate.

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    Hello Madam,

    Thanks for your response. The points you have highlighted are very much true and I do agree with you. I never said about complete ban on liquor in our state. I had been in Goa for some time. There in most houses liquor is prepared and sold at cheap rate. They are making liquor called fenny using cashew nut, rice, toddy, wheat etc. So far no incidents like liquor tragedy heard from there. How could they manage it? Why we cannot adopt it.

    Again my question was about BEVCO out lets. We had sufficient even now. Should we need more outlets?

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    I know some places in my area other than BevCo, where they sell foreign liquors. These all are unauthorised outlets of foreign liquors. Their price is very high when compared to the price in BevCo. You can find such outlets all over Kerala. Excise Department is not taking proper action against these type of unauthorised outlets. They have good sales and they are making good profit also.

    The question is that, why the customers are approaching them, eventhough their price is high? The answer is unavailability of authorised outlets like BevCo outlets and BARs. BevCo don't have enough outlets in all over Kerala. The bars in kerala also located mainly at Towns. Some where, the constomers have to travel 5 to 8 kilometers to reach Bevco outlets or bars. A regular consumer of liquor will not be able to travel this much of distance regularly. The govt. rule restricts the quantity of liquor one can keep at his house. I don't know the exact quantity. I think its 3 Lts. In this situation he is compelled to approach the unauthorised outlets.

    If BevCo opens more outlets the number of unauthorised outlets will stop their supply, automatically.

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