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    War against Endosulfan

    Kerala has again started a joined campaign against the use of Endosulfan throughout the world. Government representatives are to meet the Prime Minister to persuade the Central government to take up the issue.(81 countries in the world have already banned the use of Endosulfan). Kerala will observe April 25th as Anti- Endosulfan Day (the day on which the conference of representatives start in Geneva, Switzerland).
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    Kerala Government's representation to the Prime Minister cold not find any positive result, as seen from the reports. Representation was made by an all party group lead by the Health minister of the State. What India is going to say at the world meet is almost clear from the remarks of Central Minister Jairam Ramesh. Hence the fight against the use of Endosulfan will have to be continued here.
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    Even though endosulfan is a pesticide which is highly efficient in its action for the cultivation of economically important crops like cashew , tea coffee it is proved that it is highly hazardous to nature and living beings. Government should represent the voice of its people. So we have a task in our hand - we have to rise our voice against endosulfan .Along with protesting we can also think about the biological alternatives possible for such deadly pesticides .
    endosulfan and its alternatives

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    I have given my view on the subject on another stream. For ready reference, I am reproducing the same here for the benefit of those who follow this thread.

    As of now there is only a resistance movement against the use of endosulfan in Kerala. In the rest of the country, there is no voice raised against the pesticide. Even in Kerala The problem is reported only from the district of Kasarkod.

    It is not that the endosulfan is used only in Kasarkod, but is being used throughout Kerala and also other part of the country. If there is some problem as being shouted by those against the use endosulfan, it should have been noticed in other places also where endosulfan based pesticides are used in Kerala itself and also in other part of the country. No incident is reported from any other part in Kerala or otherwise.

    Therefore, just because somebody shouts that the endosulfan based pesticides are to be banned, we should not just follow them. The ruling front is behaving in a strange manner. Instead of attending to the problem they are interested in settling score with the opposition front and the UPA Government.

    If the Kerala Government was having genuine interest in the effect of this material, they should have done a through investigation, dispassionately and found out why this is affecting only Kasarkod instead of all the places where the same is used? If it is not endosulfan, what else is causing the tragedy and take steps to stop the cause. Even if it is endosulfan, temporarily ban the same within the state rather than waiting for center to do something. They could declare rice at Rs 2/- a kg before election even though the center has not implemented the same so far. Why this wait for center in this case, if they are genuinely interested in the welfare of the Kerala population?

    Irrespective of whether 81 countries or more have banned, we should take our decision on the basis of a logical and rational finding about the use and effects of endosulfan.

    From our side, we should not jump into conclusion just because some noise is created on the issue. Whatever we do should be on rational and logical basis after a through investigation.

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    The Minister in charge in the new Kerala Ministry has ordered to stop the production of endosulfan in Kerala. It is the public sector company, Hindustan Insecticide Limited, eloor, Kochi which is producing this pesticide here.
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