Endosulfan – a nation wide ban is not possible : sharad pawar

Yesterday when I read the comment, by Central Agriculture Minister, Sharad Pawar, on the demand for a ban on endosulfan, published in Web news, I felt like Sharad Pawar is going to declare endosulfan as energy drink. He said that only Kerala and Karnataka are requesting for the ban. Other states are also using endosulfan as pesticide. He wants to discuss with other states before implementing a ban. Kerala is demanding for ban on endosulfan since years back. He didn't get time to discuss the matter with other state during these years. His another statement, which supports endosulfan lobby, was there is no evidence for health hazards by the use of endosulfan. Then what is the cause of disease from which more than 9000 people are suffering in Kasargod Dist. and southern part of Karnataka State. If the central governments findings is that endosulfan doesn't make any ill-effects in human, the central government has the responsibility to find out and convince the reason of illness found in Kasargod Dist., which are said to be the diseases caused by endosulfan.

73 countries have implemented a complete ban on endosulfan. Their scientists in that countries could recognize the ill-effects of endosulfan in human body. Do Sarad Pawar and the Central Government think that their findings are wrong? Please convince us. It is said that presence of endosulfan is found in various tests conducted on human breast milk and animal breast milk. This test result shows that the presence of hazardous pesticides in body. How the body will react to this chemical?

The Government of india and Sarad Pawar are supporting to the endosulfan lobby. They don't consider its citizens. This is the only government which leave the life of its citizens to fate.

For the Government of India and Sharad Pawar endosulfan may be an energy drink. But for us (The people of Kerala) it is a killing pesticide. we need a complete ban on endosulfan in our country.

We support the Government of Kerala and Karnataka for all their move against endosulfan.