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    Movie Piracy - A Threat To Malayalam Film Industry

    Movie Piracy in simple terms is the worst nightmare a film associated worker can ever have.It's a pity that within days after the release of a movie it is available in file sharing networks.Even torrent url's for latest malayalam movies like Urumi,Christian Brothers are in the web today.Eventhough technology have brought dramatical changes in the film industry, piracy is probably it's worst side.
    With 'broad band' in our finger tips what should be our attitude towards these sites??

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    Hi Safvan,
    You are absolutely right. Malayalam film industries are in great danger because of the piracy. New released films are available even in torrent sites. What if all of us began to download and distribute it? No doubt film industries will be no more. A film is made by spending lakhs(even crores) of money from producers pocket. A high amount goes as reward for artists. Most of the producers are ready to produce film by looking at ' film stars' and their reputation.
    Some people who made piracy as their profession are there to capture the film and enable the same in websites even at the releasing day itself.
    If people decide to download it then for what these theaters are made.
    We should not support privacy. We can go to the theaters and enjoy with much comfort.

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    Kerala police have decided to take severe stands against the movie piracy in the internet.They decided to make it as a criminal offense under IT act for effective implementation. All peaople downloading from these sites will also receive legal problems. so keep away from these sites.
    safvan p

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    Movie Piracy is the worst curse for the film industry not only in Kerala, but throughout the country. It is a reflection of our moral standard on all matters, be it be the pirated cd, book or other matters or for that matter in any walk of life. These are all a form of corruption i e moral corruption.

    The police alone cannot attend the problem. The police force is limited. They have to attend the routine work of checking crimes, detecting criminals and book them and take steps to punish them. They have to attend the security steps to the VIPs at home and on the move and such other works. The police force is limited and they may not be able to do much extra activities like surprise check of piration.

    Therefore as citizens we have some greater role to play. We should stop buying pirated cds. Wherever we know, we tip the police regularly about the shops selling pirated cds. The film industry also should make available the cds for a reasonable amount. These steps should reduce the piracy to a great extent.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    The advent of mobile technology and the growth of camera technology has made it very easy to capture movie from theatres without even falling in other's notice . But the main problem here is that even if it falls in the notice of others , no one reacts .

    Movie piracy has gone far beyond pirated cd and others sorts of small storage devices . with high storage pen drives and large external hard disks , movies are fast moving into the hands of viewers within hours of a movie's release .

    If the police has to track sites which publish such material , the people who come to know about these sites should openly complain about it . That does not occur always .

    The people in the cinema field are not ignorant of such incidents . The initiatives taken by them are dismal in this aspect . Three years ago actor Mammootty had brought this topic for serious discussion in the meetings of AMMA . That strong initiative busted many CD rackets and it had a profound impact on this business . But as is said that the evil will find their ways , one way or the another , the piracy industry wilfully moved to the internet , where they got enough space and freedom to sell their material and gain a lot of revenue through their advertisements and other ways .

    The police should form a squad to bust this menace and this should be formed soon . They should think smart and fast and find out the culprits behind this tricky play .

    Movie piracy is as hot an issue as terrorism and naxalism in our country , because at last , it is going to throw mud into the meagre earnings of the artists and the technicians working behind a movie . Whether the movie is success or failure , all the bigshots in the movie are destined to get their share . It is the people behind the curtain who lose their expected revenue .

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