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    Join together for BAN Endosulphan

    The case of Ban Endosulphan,just moving like an unending Mega serial. Why the Central minister Mr.Jayaram ramesh says 'he wants more evidence to BAN Endosulphan'. Just visit the villages of Kazargod district in our kerala, there lot of peoples suffering from the dangerous side effects of Endosulphan, in there now mothers are fear to become pregnent, because their own new born childs are the convict of Endosulphan.So it is more important to Ban it fastely, otherwise the side effects destructs our Future Generation. So Say No To ENDOSULPHAN
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    I have already commented on Endosulphan effects in 2 other streams of discussions on the subject. It can be viewed in the discussion topics.

    Why I chose to write again on this is due to the fact that I happen to watch a discussion program on the Times Now TV channel yesterday. My views on this as already expressed by me was almost similar to the content of the Discussions.

    One of the panel experts pointed out that one of the persons/institutions who are instigating the fight against the Endosulphan is the company which make Endosulphan. According to the panelist, the company has come out with a new substitute which they want to propagate. The substitute is more than 5 times costlier than Endosulphan. So their profit also must be proportionate to the cost. The company concerned is from Europe and no wonder that some of the European Countries have taken initiative in banning the item.

    Why it is creating problem only in the Kasarkod area of Kerala only. Not even in other parts of Kerala itself. According to the panelist, the matter was under use in the European countries for the last 40 - 50 years and till now there was no complaint from any of these countries. In India it is being used in many states including the Capital of the Country since 30 - 40 years and no adverse effect was reported so far.

    It is quite possible that the Endosulphan may ultimately be banned because of the hysteria created on the subject by the vested interested persons/institutions. It will not matter whether Endosulphan is banned or not except perhaps that it may affect the cost of the food items.

    But that will not remove the injustice to the suffering people of Kasarkod. What is needed is a through investigation about the cause of the problems of Kasarkod people and find solution to that cause/s.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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