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    Support Ban Endosulfan-Lets Fight Together For A Good Cause

    Hi Friends,

    It's time we resist the unethical and immoral effects of ENDOSULFAN from our society. A bane that will forever ruin our future generations altogether. It's now or never. As we already seen the one part of it's draconian face in Kasargod. Let's fight together for the Ban of endosulfan
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    Eendosulfan have created severe health problems ,not only in kerala but in various parts of india, Eventhough Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) classifies endosulfan as Category Ib – Highly Hazardous. No such warnings were provided to the farmers earlier in the country , which resulted in a disaster. It should be remembered even then many countries had banned endosulfan when india was it's leading user. But now i cant understand what india government is trying to do by taking a stand against its ban. Studies we can admit - always better than a instant decision .But now it is really late ,we have plenty of victims in kerala itself .
    endosulfan and its alternatives

    safvan p

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    Ms Anitha deserves kudos for bringing out the problem to the fore in our forum. However it is time we think about the whole issue instead of just jumping into the bandwagon of the campaign against the endosulfan.

    As of now there is only a resistance movement against the use of endosulfan in Kerala. In the rest of the country, there is no voice raised against the pesticide. Even in Kerala The problem is reported only from the district of Kasarkod.

    It is not that the endosulfan is used only in Kasarkod, but is being used throughout Kerala and also other part of the country. If there is some problem as being shouted by those against the use endosulfan, it should have been noticed in other places also where endosulfan based pesticides are used in Kerala itself and also in other part of the country. No incident is reported from any other part in Kerala or otherwise.

    Therefore, just because somebody shouts that the endosulfan based pesticides are to be banned, we should not just follow them. The ruling front is behaving in a strange manner. Instead of attending to the problem they are interested in settling score with the opposition front and the UPA Government.

    If the Kerala Government was having genuine interest in the effect of this material, they should have done a through investigation, dispassionately and found out why this is affecting only Kasarkod instead of all the places where the same is used? If it is not endosulfan, what else is causing the tragedy and take steps to stop the cause. Even if it is endosulfan, temporarily ban the same within the state rather than waiting for center to do something. They could declare rice at Rs 2/- a kg before election even though the center has not implemented the same so far. Why this wait for center in this case, if they are genuinely interested in the welfare of the Kerala population?

    From our side, we should not jump into conclusion just because some noise is created on the issue. Whatever we do should be on rational and logical basis after a through investigation.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Ramnathan sir

    please let's leave politics for sometime. Think about the victims. What can we do for them.Now the India Govt saying that they conduct a three year study and then decision should be taken. But at that time it will too late. We already have seen results before our eyes.

    May be government is little exaggerating the issue for their on purpose. still

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    LOt of public pressure has to be put into this so that we can attain our goal of n absolute endosulfan ban . As the humans have wiped off the smallpox virus from the earth , the same way we should also keenly look forward to get this pesticide banned .

    The upper limit given for the ban of the endosulfan is eleven years . This has been done taking into consideration the time of execution and time required to find out a proper substitute .

    The government has now understood the fact that all the citizens of Kerala are deeply concerned on the havoc created by this pesticide and other pesticides . This concern has turned into serious plans to ban other pesticides too . Furudan and other red brand pesticide are going to face a ban which means that farmers should go organic to get out of the trouble of pests .

    Banning endosulfan is need of the hour , but it is also the responsibility of the government to lead the farmers to organic and biopesticides . New and optimum pesticides which are affordable to the farmers should be introduced in the market . The expensive one should be given ample subsidies and thus farmers should feel that their hardwork will not be taken away by pests by the time of the harvest .

    The government should find funds to to relieve subsidies and thus help them . We should know and realise the fact that if the farmers are not given ample alternatives , then they will surely turn to the black market , where endosulfan will gain momentum and thus all the efforts to ban it will just remain in paper .

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    Endosulfan has already ruined the lives of many! Is the government still thinking of a remedy eventhough they know that the only answer to this problem is the total ban of the pesticide?Is this happening in India where animal lovers and environmentalists file petitions against killing stray dogs and genitally modified seeds and plants but no action is taken against the serious problem that tortures the life of a common man?

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