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    Kochi Tuskers Kerala vs Delhi Daredevils Match Predictions Contest

    Kochi Tuskers Kerala vs Delhi Daredevils Match will be the 41st match of this edition of IPL 2011.Now spiderkerala members can participate in the prediction contest. We congratulate all lucky members who have really got their reward from participation in the current running IPL prediction contest.

    Strict Rule To Follow-IPL Prediction Contest

    We have seen many members taking advantage of the early entry prize.It had been a habit of few members to add quick answers to win the early entry prize. So proper prediction answer in expected from the members.
    1. From this contest onwards members have to give the full name of the team if any question is asked related to it.
    2. If the full name of the team is not provided, even they come with the right answer it will not be considered.
    3. But there is no restriction regarding the name of a player.
    4. Members should provide prediction with serial number. e.g 1,2

    1 member who post their prediction in the concerned forum threads will be given Rs 25 as special prize as early entry prize. The thread will be unlocked after 1.00 PM.

    List of eligible Members for the contest

    Only those members who registered their name in the above thread will only be eligible to post their predictions here.

    Today's Prediction Questions

    1. Which team will win today?
    2. Who will be the player of the match?
    3. Which team will bat first?

    Rules for IPL 2011 Predictions Contest

    1) No member will be permitted to participate in the contests unless the member has been found registered in the
    IPL Contest Forum Thread

    1) The prediction for this match will close at 5.30 PM on 2-05-2011.
    2) The prediction should be correct for the eligibility of the cash reward.
    3) If more than one person predicted correctly then the cash reward of Rs 100 will be shared among them.
    4) The Contest will be available till the final match.
  • #3797
    1. Delhi Daredevils
    2. Virender Sehwag
    3. Delhi Daredevils


  • #3799
    1.Kochi Tuskers Kerala
    2.Brendon mucculum
    3.Delhi Daredevils

    safvan p

  • #3800
    1.Kochi Tuskers Kerala
    2.Ravindra Jadeja
    3.Kochi Tuskers Kerala

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

  • #3802
    1. Delhi Daredevils
    2. Virender Sehwag
    3. Kochi Tuskers Kerala

  • #3803
    1. Kochi tuskers Kerala
    2. Brendon mccullum
    3. Delhi daredevils

  • #3805
    1. Delhi Daredevils
    2. Virender Sehwag
    3. Delhi Daredevils

  • #3810
    1.Kochi Tuskers Kerala
    2.Brendon mucculum
    3.Kochi Tuskers Kerala

  • #3811
    1. Kochi Tuskers Kerala
    2. Mahela Jayawardena
    3. Delhi Daredevils

  • #3814
    1. Delhi Daredavils.
    2. David Warner.
    3. Koachi Tusker Kerala.

  • #3815
    1.Delhi dare devils
    2.Irfan pathan
    3.Kochi tuskers kerala

  • #3816
    1- Kochi Tuskers Kerala
    2- Jadeja
    3- Kochi Tuskers Kerala


    Nadheera V

  • #3817
    1. Kochi tuskers Kerala.
    2. Ravindra Jadeja.
    3. Delhi dare devils

    Forum Editor SPK

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