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    Why is it that Actors keep lieing about their relationships?

    It has become a worst habit among the actors and actresses nowadays. Even if they are cought red handed for any relationships, they lie to the people and especially the poor'fans' that they havent even seen that person in the whole life. Poor chaps. They believe(!) him/her until they get a frontpage news or breaking news after few months or years that they have married or done a register marriage or even flew abroad for their honeymoons. what is there to keep all these as a matter of secret ? what do you think?
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    One cannot blame the actors/ actresses for this matter. It is after all their personal life and every individual in this world has a right to hide his personal life. Even when a normal person is asked about a relationship which they are not yet sure of, they will reply that they are not having an affair. Then why shouldnt the celebrities do the same? Just because they are public figures, should they open up their whole life in front of the public? They are in the industry to act so basically only questions about their profession should be asked. Moreover most of the affairs are built up by the media as rumours to create news. Imagine if they dont make up all these stories, what news will be there to fill up all the film magazines and programs on TV which are purely based on film broadcasts? Celebrities who claim that they havent even seen the other person with whom they have been linked might be saying the truth after all.

    Any person needs an assurance in a relationship before they can be sure whether they want to go ahead and get married. What right do we have to say that the minute they start dating each other, they have to let the whole world know about it? Most of the times, two celebrities who are fully committed and know that they will marry confess to the media that they are in an affair. So we cant say that they always lie to the public. I would say that it is unfair to say such things about celebrities. Even they are normal human beings who have their freedom.

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    Every person whether he/she is a celebrity, famous or ordinary or not is entitled to have their own private life. If any one tries interfere or interpret and publicise, it is a criminal act. Just because a person happens to be a public figure in some walk of life, does not mean that the person should keep all the matters of life open to public scrutiny. I fully agree with Lakshmi Ramdas on this issue.

    Why we poke into the affairs of others. We should concern ourselves only to that part of others life which are supposed to be public. Like that of the acting part of the actors or public utterances of politicians etc. We have no right to intrude. Even if they are having affairs or not should not bother us. It is between the concerned persons, if any.

    What we know on these matters are on the basis of media which as Lakshmi Ramdas stated need not be factual. It may simply be gossip. In the case of actors she/he may have to interact with many persons of the opposite sex. Does it mean that all these are for any affairs only? It could be something to do with their professional or social activities.

    Good media should publicise only verified facts on on the basis of guess and gossip. Unfortunately, just as we are showing interest in others private life, media try to publish what they feel to publish. Since they have the immunity as the public media, no action is easily possible against them.

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    Ramanathan A R

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