Do you think Bin Ladan's death will become the end of global terrorism

The biggest terror that the world ever seen Bin Ladan become a history now.But there is a new question raising over millions of heart,what the Bin Ladan's death become an end of global terrorism.America says that it should become the end of terrorism.But if we look back to the history,Ladan's death is a minute attempt aganist the terrorism.Ladan was the number one most wanted person in the FBI global terrorist list.There is another nine most dangerous peoples are in safe places.Next Al-Khoida leader Sawahiri is now become number one in FBI list.It is become so crusual if let a chance to Sawahiri to grown up.Then the world must regret for it.Kill him with in a month is more better to remove the global terrorism.Because Sawahiri is more dangerous than Bin Ladan.Please join together the world nations to remove the terrorism completely from the world.Say no to terrorism.