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    Do you believe in Akshaya Tritiya ?

    The whole of Kerala has been filling up the spaces in the jewellery shops for the past week , booking gold , which they intend to purchase in the golden moment of the Akshaya tritiya muhurtham which is tomorrow between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm . In order to not waste their time and lose their chances of buying gold at the muhurtham , malayalees have very well used the prebooking facility provided by the jewellers .

    Is Akshaya tritiya a case of belief or a heightened form of consumerism ? The rising price of gold does not seem to be a factor or problem in buying gold . Gold is surely proved that it is a good form of investment with guaranteed returns , but is this the intent with which people are buying gold with all the vigour , which was never observable before five years ?

    Discuss whether Akshaya Tritiya is a phenomenon hyped by jewellers to increase their business .
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    That is a very relevant question.
    I personally dont believe that a partcular day can bring prosperity in our lives, just because of the reason that we buy gold on that day!How can than happen? We havent heard about these kind of 'Special days' before a last couple of years.And our parents and grandparents never stood in queue or made pror bookings for buying gold on this day.The very funny thing is that all these days are a part of improving the business of gold rather than benefitting common man.The medias have made such an influence in people's mind that they choose this day to buy gold considering the day as auspicios!

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    Buying gold on Akshaya tritiya, in Kerala was started only since about 4 - 5 years. Till that time we were not bothered about buying Gold on that day.

    The practice of buying of gold during Akshaya tritiya was prevalent in Andhra and in some communities in North India. This spread to other places by contact with these people.

    The jewelers started taking advantage by advertising and projecting through visual and other medias to create a feeling that buying gold during Akshaya tritiya is auspicious and must for prosperity. Kerala is a big center for gold jewelery and the jewelers are taking foll advantage by propagating as if buying gold/jewelery is must for prosperity for the whole period one year till next year.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Yes Ramanathan Sir,
    You said it right! THe fact i dont understand is why the people here blindly believe all these kind of promotion stunts though we boast of high literacy rate and educational backgrounds.

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    The normal peoples in Kerala are very much attracted to advertisements. The jeweleries takes the advantage of these by pouring advertisements with the tag that 'buying gold in this day is auspicious'. Some people confused to buy the gold, they don't fully agreed to this belief, but finally they too falls under the tricks. Any way I fully disagree to this superstitious thing. My family members also with my part, my grand mother told that she had no idea about such a thing. She said that there were some thing like these in other states.
    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Personally, i dont believe in Akshaya Tritiya at all. I have never participated in it by buying gold on that day till now. Undoubtedly, it is just a business gimmick used by the jewellery businessmen. Indian people, especially Keralites are easy to 'fool' in such matters because how much ever we progress in the modern world, we still believe in such superstitions. That is why so many people are falling for this gimmick and queueing in front of the jewellery shops on this day. Even today, i know people who dont buy bath towels on a specific day because there is a superstition that someone in your family will die if the purchase is made on that 'bad luck' day. Nowadays it is so tough to get tickets in trains and buses in India to travel from state to state. Even then, there are people who look at the nakshatra and only then book tickets.

    Like many have said here, in the past such days like Akshaya Tritiya were not there. So do we mean that the people of those times never had any luck in their life? It will be good for citizens if they realise the fact soon and stop encouraging such tricks.

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    It is a business trick. We Keralites, though claim to be educated, can easily be taken through advertisements. Daily news papers report incidents due to blind believes of people. Perhaps this trend of people can be a good thread for detailed discussion.
    Gold Member, SPK

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