International Cheating

International cheating is an organized attempt to cheat people and defraud them to the extent of 15000 to 75000. Yesterday there was a news item to the effect that Kerala police of Alathur police station has arrested an African nationalist by name Henry. On questioning him it was revealed that he is only one link of a big chain of international fraudsters working from Mumbai.

Many of those who have mobile phone and Internet connect would have come across messages stating to the effect that his/her mobile number of Internet connection has won a price to the extent of a lakh and above UK pounds which will amount to a crore or above in Indian rupees. They will be sending the name of the person to be contacted. To make it appear they may even attach the passport number and for those who have Internet connection a copy of the passport of the person. If contacted the number, or even if not contacted, the recipient will be informed that the price amount is deposited in some bank account in some foreign nation. The price recipient has to pay an amount varying from Rs 15000 to 75000. This amount is to be given to the courier whose contact number and passport number is already intimated. On paying the amount the courier is supposed to deliver the cheque for the price amount. The tricksters will be using the name of Google/yahoo/msn of UK as the price giver. It will look almost genuine.

I have received 2 from Google one from msn and 2 from yahoo. When I received this first time I have intimated the same with the copies of the communications by email to the Google, msn & yahoo. While yahoo and goggle thanked for the information about the abuse of their name for cheating, msn was frank in informing that theirs is a huge international organisation and it will be difficult for them to track