Endosulfan in Coma Stage for 8 weeks.

The Supreme Court of India ordered a ban of production, sale and use of the Endosulfan pesticide within the whole of the country. This order of the SC is in response to the petition of the DYFI of the CPI-M seeking ban of endosulfan=fan in the country.

After hearing both parties the court ordered the ban for 8 weeks. The court also directed probes 2 committees, one headed by Indian Council Medical Research (ICMR) director general to study the adverse effect of endosulfan on human life and the other headed by the agricultural commissioner to study the efect on environment. The committees are given 8 weeks time before which both the committees should give an joint report to the court.

The committees may give an interim report to suggest whether endosulfan should be banned or phased out and availability of any alternative t it.

Let us hope at least now both the committees will go into all the aspects independently instead of merely relying on the findings of the opinions of the local doctors or some earlier reports as was done by so many institutions till now.

Let us hope the that the sufferings/anxiety/agony and miseries of the Kasargod people will end finally and justice will be done to those who suffer.