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    The present situation of the entrance examinations!!!

    Is the present condition of the entrance examinations apt in searching the talents of the students??
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    I guess it is apt.Now the kerala entrance gives equal weightage to board results as well as the entrance marks. It is really a blessing for students who concentrate in studies without going for entrance coaching.Its the same in the case of financially backward students also. They just have to concentrate in their studies at school. no need to worry about entrance coaching and the amount to be given there. But on the other hand it is a curse for students who has repeated this year. But i certainly agree that this system is better.



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    I cannot agree with you completely Shadia.
    The present phenomena of taking 50% from board exam marks and 50% from entrance doesn't really do good.
    The students will have to concentrate equally on both which may lead to extreme stress.Prime importance should be given to school studies of course. But as per the present situation entrance studies cannot be avoided or kept aside for the last moment.
    To crack entrance exam a student needs to get the concept clear and should do a lot of practice problems.Only practice can help them to get through the exams.So entrance coaching cannot be avoided.
    This may stress the students a lot.
    If it was 100% based on board marks then it would have been fine.Students can easily concentrate on it and score good marks and get into a good college.
    The old situation(considering only entrance test)was also fine.
    Even if the students couldn't score high marks,they can cope it with entrance test and get into a good college.An average student can easily score 60% marks and that's what's only required for writing the entrance test.
    So, i think the govt. should either change it to considering only board marks or else back to the old system where entrance test was the only consideration.

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    The present decision of taking 50% from Higher Secondary Board Exams and the remaining from the Entrance exam is not justifiable.

    According to me the entrance exams are scientific, in the sense it checks the aptitude of students and at the same time checks the intelligence level of students.

    Unlike the board exams we dont have much time to spent on each question in the entrance exams and for clearing the exams we need to have clear concept of each topic. That is the mere external knowledge about a chapter or topic will not be of any use. Guessing the answer will not help also.

    We know that there are different institutions in India providing coaching for various entrance exams. From short crash courses there are one year courses also. In this training time students are made to practice and work out question papers.

    So here we can see that entrance exams are very very different considering board exams.

    In addition there are different board exams- state, cbse, icse etc. The question paper and valuation schemes are not the same for all these. No formulas can be derived so that these board exams will be equal.

    As Mythili had said it is better to have the old scheme or the entrance exams rather than the new one. Only few students can excel in both board exams and entrance exams. So this present scheme can upset a lot of intelligent young minds by not getting good ranks.

    Another fact is that however the evaluating scheme is, if we have strong determination and hard working mentality we can perform well in any exams.


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    In my opinion present situation very suitable for engineering admissions.In old scheme Some students learn well in Plus one and plus two,resulting they earn good percentages,Most of case such students push back when choosing professional course.but other students spent more money ,then they go to entrance coaching centers,normally they will got good rank and selecting for professional courses like B-tech.
    But in present situation rank calculating from taking equal weightage to both exams.that's why a good percentage in Plus to exam also help to get higher ranks.
    If you look management sides ,they done selection using this manner. Under Catholic management and Muslim management Engineering colleges already implement this equation more than five years ago.
    with regards

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