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    Professional college admissions in Kerala

    The issue of admission to professional colleges in Kerala is becoming more and more complicated. The role Government is becoming simply watching. All seats under the Christian management are going to be filled by themselves. Hearing this the other managements also have demanded for this freedom.

    it seems that the education in Kerala is declared as a business rather than a service.
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    The situation in educational filed is horrible. It starts from school. To get admission in good school it is as difficult as that of Colleges. In the present day money is the only thing which counts.

    Hence every field of activity is commercialized. Education also comes under the category. The number of students are more comparing to the seats available in good institutions. Hence the management of institutions are having field day at the time of admissions. As for colleges the opportunities for the managements are very high. Naturally the parents of the students get dried to that extent.

    It is a situation where there is no relief. Year by year the position will be like the inflation under UPA Government.

    Nowadays in every activity, there is an undeclared understanding of sharing the booty between the political parties and the entrepreneurs.
    Any entrepreneurs have to pay a price to the ruling party/front for continuing in the trade irrespective of who rules. It is a sort of extortion. Naturally the same will be passed on to the consumers. In the case of education it is the parents who have to bear the brunt. So the government of the time has to show they are doing something to fool the public. That is all to be expected from them.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Its true that the education system in Kerala is getting more and more complicated and the quality is also getting worse but still there are institutions which give value education.
    But its true that the system of education is getting more and more dependent on money.The situation has changed like, any one who has enough income and cash can earn a professional degree certificate.
    And in my opinion the condition is only gonna be worse than present situation



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    Education is absolutely a business in Kerala. Take the case of a LKG student. How much to be paid as donation? After UKG, again that kid had to take new admission for first standard. Again it is considered as a new admission, even in the same school. There comes another donation.

    However poor the parents are, most of them wish their children to study in CBSE and management schools. They are ready to sacrifice their leisure to make money for this.

    This "WISH" of the middle class men are being exploited by the management schools.

    On the other hand government schools are also keeping good standard now. Many of us shows a sort of discontent in choosing government schools for our kids. This discontent is being converted as money by these businessmen.


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    This type of system where the managements are squeezing money out of students,should be avoided.
    They are making education a mere business. Giving education is considered to be a divine service.But that concept is long lost.
    The quality of education given is found to be inversely proportional to the money.Day by day the quality of education given is tending to a worse condition.Money is becoming the foundation for getting higher education.
    Government should take necessary action to stop this rather than just watching these like a scarecrow.


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    The education system in Kerala is getting contaminated day by day. The educational standards comparing the world standard is also low. Even though ours was a country were great people like C.V.Raman , Abdul Kalam, Tagore, etc have born and proved themselves.

    What is happening now is that in the chaos of declaration of results and allotments, students are joining various private colleges. And later they are unable to join Government institutions since they have already payed fees and donation in private colleges.

    The educational institutions are becoming hi-fi business centers. Meanwhile young talented students are losing hope. Education becoming for rich and wealthy people. A serious question to democracy.

    Also there are people who buy seats for their children in various professional colleges. They are not realizing that by buying the seats they are actually burying the real talents of their children.

    It is high time one realized that education must be provided to deserving students who ask for it. Education need to be considered as light of knowledge and not as mere darkness of money and power.


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