Sabarimala makaravilakku

It is holy faith, real factor, traditional, tell that makaravillaku a star glowing some time s in sky. This star called uthram star. The devotee called ayyappa. The story of sabarimala is related to god shiva and vishnu. Once upon a time god vishnu take a avatar of beautiful girl mohini, meanwhile god shiva see her and fall into love, then god ayyappa birth. God ayyappa came from heaven to earth as a baby. In that time panthala raja (king) went jungle for hunting and the baby , the has no child, king take the baby to palace and named manikantan . After 14 years he killed devil mahishi, and he disappeared in jungle telling that i aimed an arrow to top of the where arrow found make a temple for me that was named sabarimala. The devotees strongly believe after seeing makaravilakku their ambition could happen. That was absolutely true, i have a experience