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    Is'nt the journey in bus getting hectic for women as well as others?What's your opinion?

    One of the economic way of transport especially for the Keralites is bus transport.
    But nowadays its really getting hectic for women to travel alone.It has been a must that we should tolerate the irritation of some of the psychic guys to travel in bus.And another point common for all is the hush and push in bus.The conductors never stop taking in passengers even if the bus is overloaded and they take the ticket charge as well, even without considering whether the passenger has occupied a seat or not and we should also tolerate the reckless driving of the drivers.Even though the rule was made to fix a speed regulator and the speed was fixed as 40kmph , this rule has been chewed and spitted out by the owners.
    What's happening now is just the competition between buses to earn cash by putting the life of passengers in danger.
    Shouldn't an action be taken against this?Should we keep quiet?After all we are one among the passengers.What should be done?What's your opinion?


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    Never ever hesitate to react with those "psychic guys". The more you tolerate, more violent he will become. React then and there attracting the attention of other passengers. Don't feel shy to react. He will lag behind.

    If no body is there to hear you, you can ask the conductor to take the bus to the nearest police station, where you can lodge your complaint.

    He may some time follow you after getting down from the bus. Try to approach the nearest police aid post if available or try to attract the attention of others.

    Always try to have the telephone numbers of police control room fed in your mobile and set speed dial for it. Here is a list of control room numbers of varies districts which may be helpful to you
    Thiruvananthapuram City: 100/0471-2331843
    2. Thiruvananthapuram Rural: 100/0471-2316995
    3. Kollam: 100/0474-2746000
    4. Pathanamthitta: 100/0468-2222226
    5. Alappuzha: 100/0477-2251166
    6. Kottayam: 100/0481-5550400
    7. Idukki: 100/04862-221100
    8. Ernakulam City: 100/0484-2359200
    9. Ernakulam Rural: 100/0484-2621100
    10. Thrissur: 100/0487-2424193
    11. Palakkad: 100/0491-2522340
    12. Malappuram: 100/0483-2734966
    13. Kozhikode City: 100/0495-2721831
    14. Kozhikode Rural 100/0496-2523091
    15. Wayanad: 100/04936-205808
    16. Kannur: 100/0497-2763337
    17. Kasargod: 100/04994-222960



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    Yes this is one of the serious issues.

    The private buses are in a competition among themselves in various parts of Kerala like Thrissur, Kozhikode, etc. The private buses take in passengers even if there is no space left. They are never bothered about the safety of passengers. Only a few buses stick to the speed limit of 40 kmph.

    Strict action has to be taken against this. Maximum number of passengers in a bus at a time must be decided by traffic police. And speed regulators has to be made compulsory.

    The drivers and owners of buses must bear in their mind that the safety of a passenger must be their prime concern. One must also remember that passengers pay for tickets to get involved in the chaos and get themselves crushed.


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    In every filed of life there is a tendency to have monopoly by few. The same is the case in bus transport. Those who are having the route permit will do everything to prevent others getting the permit so that all the traffic of the route comes to their buses.

    People may have o wait for the bus, when the bus comes there will be hardly space for even comfortable standing let alone seat. Since we want to go on some urgency we have to catch that particular bus only otherwise will be late. The bus owners in many cases may not be part of this except to try t monopolize. The drivers and conductors play the maximum havoc. Their limit of admitting passengers is that the passenger should be able to hag on to the bus at least to some distance and thereafter if the passenger falls down the conductor will not bother. A good portion of the loot is siphoned off by the conductor and driver.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    We cant fully blame the drivers and conductors.Its the owner to be blamed.The drivers drive reckless because of the pressure above them.
    They are only paid if the reach the destination on time. Or else its gone for them.They have to live their life with these small earnings.
    And the conductors take passengers more to this bus because the collection of the day should reach the specified limit.



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    This is not a new issue. For twenty years itself almost all the ladies in India speak a lot of their sufferings in Bus Transport system. So this is not a problem confined not only in Kerala, but also in other states too.
    All the social and political leaders speak about this in media with big- big words and nothing is happening here to correct it. Still the situations are same. Death counts by Transport system increase day by day. The cases report in the police stations still repeating.
    The Government has to bring strong actions regarding this with no margins or limits and punish the culprits without hesitation. They should enforce the conductors and drivers about the rules and regulations. Also, proper guidelines and tips should give to common people especially for the ladies about the actions need to be taken in case of such harm situations.
    Please be note that Thiruvananthapuram City Police opened a community portal through which you can mention your complaints regarding Traffic, Social Menaces etc .
    The URL is

    Thanks & Regards,

    Thanks & Regards


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    Hi Shadia,
    Private Bus is turn to big headache for Kerala Government.Most of bus labours behaves with passengers without humanity.They always try to their own benefits.Over speed of private buses and competition between buses are mainly due to punching system.It some what good ,but it is important factor in many accidents.
    In the case of women ,Bus journey is Challenging one.They face some disturbances from culprits.Another issue is Problem between students and Bus labours.they always see as enemies each other.
    What ever it may be,My suggestion to overcome this problems is follows.Position women shifted to back sides, Implement new Speed control devices in all buses,give strong punishment in violation of traffic rules, keep always allotted number of counts passengers .Or all private buses are replaced by transport buses as like as other states.

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