Suffocating Kerala in scam net

Scam and crime might have simultaneously originated with man kind on earth. Its nature and made also might have changed or developed along with the progressive development of man kind. When a scheme is realized as scam, the victims will protest against it. When it becomes known to public through media, government machinery will also come into action. The culprits may get arrested, or sometime managed to escape.
It seems that kerala is a fertile land for such scammers. We have heard about schemes like, money chain, goat farm, manchium farm, multi level marketing, lottery scam etc. Many, among us lost their hard earned money with these schemes.
Kerala lottery which was started during 1967, though it is government owned gambling, till some time past could keep its reputation. With the introduction of online lottery and other state lottery, kerala state lottery also became victim of scam.
As the technology improved scams are coming in the form of emails. There come mails congratulating you for winning on line lottery. For which, you may have to send some money to claim the amount awarded. If you are sending the amount, your money is gone.
Does our lazy attitude and avarice lead Kerala to "Scammers own country"?