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    Unemployment rates come down in kerala

    The National Sample Survey findings show that the unemployment in Kerala has come down during the last five years. In rural areas the present rate of unemployment is 8.8%, which was 15.8% in 2004-05.

    Sex-wise these rates are 3.7% and 20.7% among men and women respectively. These rates were respectively 8.3% and 30.9% five years back.

    In urban areas these rates are 8.3% and 19.9% respectively for the present and five years back. The sex-wise split up for the present is 3.4% (men) and 19.8% (women) and these figures before five years were respectively 9% and 42.9%.

    At the national level the unemployment rate is 2.5% (men 2.2% and women 3.3%).

    Kerala's economic growth shows drastic change positively from 1987 and the rate is faster than that of the national average. During the last five years this trend has shown further improvement and is now placed at the fourth place among States.
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    Hello Sankaran Sir,

    Good to hear this news! Hope the unemployment rate in God's own country further go down with the introduction of Kochi Smart City and all. One more good news that i heard recently is shift of nick name "Silicon Valley" from Bangalore to Kerala with in few years. It seems Kerala is having a great future in terms employment and job opportunities! Let we hope for the best!!

    With Regards
    Roshan Salim

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    Hello T.M.Sankaran Sir,
    It is good news regarding to Kerala employment. I think Unemployment rates will also come down in future. Kerala government is also working for it.
    With Regards,
    -Gopal Singh

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    It is really a very happy news to note that the unemployment rated has come down drastically as per the statistics of the National Sample Survey findings. How far this statistic can be relied upon cannot be determined. About statistic there is a general say that 'statistic is an ass'. However, let us take it as O K. and we can be happy that our state has come in the 4th place on all India level.

    Immediately after the current Assembly elections, there was a news item stating that the previous LDF Government did not utilized the Central funds under the rural and urban employment and other Central schemes for development schemes fully like the MNREGA, JNNRUM etc. Probably, the previous government wanted to show at the end of their term the central policies were not good and that is the reason of ills of the state especially in the light of the inflation, petroleum products price rise etc. If the Government had utilised the funds allocated to it properly, perhaps the posiiton could have been still better. But as a political strategy the LDF has done the right thing to win the sympathies of the population and they have succeeded to some extent in that respect.

    In spite of the above fact it is really satisfying to note the result.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Thanks to everybody who reacted.
    Regarding the comments of Sri.Ramanathan I may be allowed to scribble down a few comments.
    I am not for doubting the results of National Sample Survey (NSS), because it was through these surveys that our nation so far collected all necessary data for planning and development.At present the 68th round of NSS is on its way.

    Statistics is not an ass, but those who use it may be (What I heard about statistics is another comment; "Lie, damned lie, statistics" that means statistics is the superlative form of lie!). Because Statistics is a well defined science based on mathematical principles. Only difference between mathematics and statistics is that the variables in statistics are random.

    Regarding the utilization of funds received under MNREGA and JNNRUM, also I have slightly varying comment. It was the utilization of these funds which actually generated additional employment in country side. The fund allocated under MNREGA cannot be utilized for agricultural labour as per its norms.

    But our State was given special permission to utilize it for that purpose also due to the initiative taken by the then Govt. Thus the LDF Govt. could convert more than 15,000 hectares of barren land into cultivable one and rice cultivation was carried out there. Kudumbasree units and NREGS helped in this task. Thus employment generation was made through these schemes.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Thank you for correcting.
    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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