Wealth of Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple

One of the current important news discussed throughout the state and the country is the wealth of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple. It is so because the matter pertains to money. Money is always a talking point. Another points is that it pertains to a temple - a religious institution.

As per the news items being published everyday, the wealth may amount to above one lakh crore rupees worth. There were several description of the wealth like hidden treasure, unknown wealth etc. But it is not so. The wealth, at least upto the time of late Mahakavi Ullur S Parameswara Iyer a record is kept in the vault itself as to the details of the wealth of the temple. It appears that the details are very elaborate as to the item name, weight, who donated, the occasion of donation and who were all accompanied at the tie of donation etc. Since the record is available upto that time, the remaining offerings also could have been recorded.

The temple is already one of the busiest religious institution of the Hindus all over the country and abroad as it is one of the oldest and famous shines of Hindus. ow because of the publicity it got, the crowd of devotees will increase by leaps and bounds. The name and fame of the richest temple in the world will go to this temple for the time being. Later it may be found similar findings in ohter temples in Kerala itself and at other places also in India