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    Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple Treasure-How should the wealth be spend.

    I am starting a discussion on sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple Treasure and about how the wealth be spend. The opening of the vault of the Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy temple has evoked the curiosity, wonder and imaginations of the people of Kerala, Kerala origin in other places, Tamilnad and Karnataka and generally other people in India and in a remote way the world itself. The interest of each group is different for different reasons. The wealth revealed will exceed the annual budgets of the states of Kerala and Karnataka or Tamilnad put together. It is a mind boggling situation for the common man.

    Among the people of Kerala there may be groups who want the wealth to be utilized for the welfare of the state, there may be groups who want the same to be used only for the temple and surroundings, and other groups may be interested in maintaining the entire assets to be preserved at the temple itself and other groups who want the assets to be displayed in a museum in or near to the temple premises itself. There are some groups not of Kerala having a wishful thinking that since a part of the wealth has come from Tamilnad, a portions may be given to them etc. In fact the suggestions and wishful thinking will have no limit.

    However these all can be only like day dreaming or wishful thinking at present as the matter is in the Supreme Court and the court is expected to take decision in due course. However the redeeming feature if the whole episode is the parties concerned to the matter have taken an rational stand. The Kerala State Government has declared that the property is of the temple and should belong to the temple. The eldest member of the Royal family has declared that the property is of the temple and the family has no interest in the same. The petitioner in the Court has also taken an identical view. Hence the wishful thinking or the day dreaming of others will not make any difference.
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    It is a huge surprise for everyone that this much wealth is stored in our capital city. Shree Padmanabha Temple, it is also one of the tourist interested temple in Kerala.Now its tourist value too increased.
    And here the discussion is about how to utilize the huge wealth. I think as traditionally the wealth of Shree Padmanabha is to be store as his wealth. These wealth are the contribution (kanikka)of Various Rajas to temple. Why should we claim on that? And if it takes by government what is the surety for it is to be used beneficially to the people.
    Now our state have poverty problems. That should be solved by government if they take a corrupt-less attitude towards that. Kerala don't have the continuous problem like drought, flood etc.
    Everyone believes in God knows the God have something stores better for them. So The wealth of temple should be stored there. For what it should be divide? There is a time for every destiny.


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    I think the wealth should not be spend at all. Each thing obtained has got some great antique value. It should not be spend at all. They should be preserved.

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    Since the treasure is keeping in the temple itself ,it is a headache for the government to take care of it. It is a burden to government and additional money is now spending for the security of the property. It should use wisely for the service of people by a good decision

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