Fresh Explosions in Mumbai after about 3 years

There was no explosions in Mumbai after the 2008 attack till now. Now the forces who want to create trouble for the country have again raised their ugly head. They have arranged for blasts in 3 places in a co-ordinated way. It is a dastardly act on the part of those responsible. Let us hope that the authorities track the forces responsible and taken stringent action to deter these types of activities in future.

The incidents of yesterday claimed the lives of about 20 and injured about 150 innocents. Those who are injured and the the relations and friends of these and of those who died have to undergo physical and mental pain. If the dastards have any issue they should take up the same openly and fight on the issues instead of attacking the innocents.

Let us all join the condolences and pray to the almighty for lessening the agonies of those affected and to give good sense to those dastardly persons/organisations.