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    Self financing colleges

    the present issue kerala facing in education is of self financing colleges.The basic fact behind this should come from how much professionals are necessary for a political state like india or kerala.Now the career opportunities are becoming globalized or the state cannot provide employment to all the citizens ,it is unaccontable to frame a size for the different professionals needed world wide,from an individual country.welfare state can provide education to its students according to their interests and necessity.Now a days the concept of educating people has been terrifically changed.the nation building is the primary objective to education.But the social groups in kerala had partitioned the nationality and providing education by theri own views
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    When everything is viewed as an income generating profession, one cannot expect a better set up in a State like Kerala. Even religion, caste or any other divisions in the society is considered as something for making money how can a better deal be expected?

    Staring a Medical college in the private sector (self financing) is clearly for making money. None of them are interested in improving the educational facilities in the State.

    Another interesting thing is that many who come out of these institutions are going out side the State for working.

    More and more hospitals are coming up, again not because they are interested in providing good medical facilities to the public, but clearly for making money. To work in these hospitals they recruit the half cooked medical graduates from the self financing institutions. Names of certain senior doctors will be there in the notice board, but they may come only once in a while (sometimes when a VIP is admitted).

    Further the Government and the managers of these medical colleges strongly believe that the future of Kerala is not for healthy people. all Kerala people are going to be affected by some disease ! Otherwise why should they go on increasing the number of seats and colleges in this small State?

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Self Financing Colleges: In the beginning, after independence, the majority of educational institutions namely the schools and colleges were started by the Government. There used to be few private institutions which were running on the grant (aid) of the Government. There was a regular regulation over the institutions. At that time education system, like all other systems of our country was a carry forward of the English system of education which was mainly for producing clerks to manage their affairs in India.
    After independence we started making progress in the field of industry, electricity production , roads, pwd work etc. So the attitude shifted and the system started producing engineers. The recent so called globalization has again changed the position in education filed. When there was advancement in technologies and life, demand for different types of skills were required. The government in the present form will not be able t take care of the education field. So they allowed self financing schemes. In effect it is nothing but privatization of education department like the industry, health or any other department except a few which also they are trying to privatise if not fully at least partially. Under privatization the companies or entrepreneurs (nothing but a different kind of industrialists) will do things for maximum profit for them. Now what matters in this world is making more, more and more money at any cost.
    So naturally there will be no effort to know what types of institutions will be required, to what extent, what will be the changes possible in the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years etc. The institutions will be set up depending upon the demand and the investors will naturally see that the number of seats are much less than the number of aspiring students so that they can charge what they want. At the moment there are vacancies abroad for our educated persons because they are the cheapest in the international job market and the demand will continue of some time to come. That is the current phase of our education system. The private investors in education like in any other field will go on doing things to fill their coffers and nothing more, nothing less and nothing else.

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    Ramanathan A R

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