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    Changing phase of our education system

    now our education system is changing a lot from that was used formally .these type of irregularities has an adverse effect in our educational strategy .
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    If you are thinking of inviting a detailed discussion on the education system, the past and the present one, it would have been better that the major changes are noted and your reactions to these included. That would have attracted the comments. Now where to start with is a problem.

    Further, your comment 'an adverse strategy' does not clearly bring out the idea what you have in your mind.

    Another issue is whether you are referring to school education or higher education.

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    Mr Abel feels that the education system in India has changed a lot and it is worse now. We are all aware that change is constant. There will be change in every aspect of our life. The field of education cannot expect to remain constant when all other aspects of our life are changing.

    As Mr Abel stated that there are vast changes that has taken place in the education system. Yes. There is a revolutionary change in the educations system. Earlier we used to have only upto primary, then it was extended to upper primary , High School then the degree B A and B Sc colleges and then MA. For some time it was so. Then we got independence and the industrialization was initiated in big way. Hence there was the necessity for different type of employment like the engineers, overseers, supervisors, administrators and Accountant etc. For this colleges with technical education mainly administrative, accounting, engineering for civil and mechanical lines were introduced. When the electronic, IT and Telecommunications improved and products of specialized nature and wide consumer items etc were introduced, necessity for person with knowledge in those fields were required. Hence there were further changed in the ex education.

    Now we are in the phase of globalization and naturally employment is not only in India but abroad also opened up and the salaries abroad are much more than here. So institutions for imparting education for the requirement of the jobs in other countries came into existence.

    As to the complaint of regularities we may remember that there is nothing purely good or bad. Every actin has a reaction of equal strength. When changes take place to suit the need of a section another section has to suffer.

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    Ramanathan A R

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