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    Education in Kerala. What is going on now?

    Listen, Speak ,Read, Write -LSRW is the right method for learning a language. But what about our education process in kerala. What is going on now?
    Write, Read, Speak, Listen inverted method is going on. I'id like to share some fundamental ideas with you. You can deside what is the best.
    There are mainly four types of Schools in Kerala.1. State Syllabus Government Schools 2.State Syllabus Government Aided schools 3. Unaided CBSE English Medium Schools 4. Unaided ICSE Schools so on.

    The trend of Parents , generally prefer unaided english medium schools, saying that thier students is getting high standard education. In that English Medium Schools, English is taught as the primary language and Hindi is taught as the secondary language generally. Some of them teach malayalam language as the secondary. So that the student, whoes mother tongue is Malayalam does not study Malayalam well. Some Students of the English Medium donot study even Malayalam Alphabet also. They can`t even read malayalam rhyms also. Some brilliant students who got much awareness from family study even better. In English Medium Schools, Teachers try to write the English Alphabet at first. This is absolutely a wrong Method. To study a language, a person should atleast hear the concerned language.

    After that the teachers try to spell the word. The students repeat it. Here is another problem. Most of our teachers donot know how to prenunciate most of the words in English. They donot try to understand Tense or Grammar Well. Actually the student is trying to understand some vocabulary in English language. So, he\she donot speak English or Malayalam well. The high fee structure of these schools make the students lazy. They neglect traditional jobs also. They prefer only white-collor jobs. Here is the main crisis.

    At the same time , we can consider our state owned malayalam medium schools. Here, the lack of facilities are the main problem. The `Status` of the parents is another big problem. They donot want their son to study with poor family childrens. There is no doubt about the quality of the teachers inMalayalam Medium schools. They are considered as the best teachers in our state and well educated. The Students get more freedom in the Malayalam Medium schools also, so that they study themselves to study as well as to live in the society. Unfortunately, Our medias and private school lobby try to illustatre a bad image to the malayalam medium schools.

    Actually education in kerala is a huge business process. Take the case of Aided managed schools. They are asking lakhs for teacher post without any guaranantee. What a shameful ! Other types of schools are not differnet from this. It became a business. The clients are students. If they want knowledge, you have to put lakhs to the management. For that, Banks are giving loans for the students. What a surprise. I can tell you more stories about these tpye of education. What is your opinion about my story? Expecting serious reply..

    --PS Ajithkumar
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    I completely agree with Mr. Ajithkumar's opinion about the educational system in kerala. We all know that more than 90% of people in kerala are literate, and I think more than 50% are graduates. But even then the education system is not that better. The english language has acquired its own importance and also its considered as universal language. So in this era its very important to have a complete knowledge of english language. The institutions in kerala had failed in this aspect. As Ajithkumar had already said, there may be many english medium schools in kerala, but the students learning over there may not be capable of speaking english fluently. This may be due to many reasons. We cannot blame anyone.
    In some cases the teachers may be well established and speaks english fluently, but even then students may not speak english perfectly. This is because of the environment they are studying. For example, if we observe the students who are not learning in there native places, we can see that they may speak english more fluently than the students learning in there native places. Its because, the friends, teachers and others with whom he minkle and chat may not know his mother tongue. In this case, the student is forced to speak english and there by he improves his language.
    Some students may go for spoken english after their secondary or secondary education. Its a good option. But the institution where the spoken english is taught should be of good standard.

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    Hello friend.

    First of all I appreciate your views and analysis about Kerala's educational system. At-least our school syllabus makers know about these basic facts surely our children will learn languages better. In Kerala children are learning English as their first language. But how much of them speak good English. Mr. Ajith's view is very correct that most of the teachers don't know how to pronounce English alphabets. For learning how to pronounce the English language has it's own subject called "Phonetics". A good English speaker should know that.

    The system of education should be change for the better education and future of our new generation. A simple and qualitative way must be there in our syllabus.


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    Thank u for Mr.Mohammed Chalil and Prashob for your opinion.

    An educational survey (that Malayala Manorama published) says that there are comparatively reducing the number of children and the number of old people are increasing in the Kerala state. So the number of admission reduced in Government schools. But the Management lobby says that there are reducing students in government schools because of the poor quality of teaching as well as syllabus!

    Our former President of India KR Narayanan studied in a local government school! Today even students in ICSE students require Private tuition! In my place, there is a well reputed school and in front of the school there is a Private tuition center!

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    I expected that is correct.
    bur malayalam only kerala english wanted in the world.
    so you want any job you want speak english and write english.


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    I cannot agree with that. malayalam only in Kerala, but it is our mother tongue. We must know this. Learning a Language is not for earning job. I am of the opinion that we should study both languages well. But in Kerala, the situation is different. People are boasting that their children get high education, but know only technical education. Knowledge is not for earning money. It is only a vehicle for that.

    PS Ajithkumar

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    I just went through the comments given above by different authors. It seems according to these comments, learning a language - English - is education. Learning a language is merely acquiring a tool which could be used to study different subjects which a student is supposed to study.

    Any subject if taught through one's mother tongue will enter into the heart of the student. If it is introduced through a foreign language, it will not be fully absorbed. Perhaps the student will mug up the whole thing and present them in the answer papers, without assimilating it. When it comes to practical application the average student will be a failure.

    If we go to higher studies in any country where English is not their mother tongue, first we have to study their language. This is the case with Germany, France, Japan, Russia, etc. Only in our country we are not studying through the mother tongue.

    I was a Professor who taught at both UG and PG levels. In fact I started my career by teaching M.Sc. students in a University department. I studied in Malayalam (my mother tongue) medium throughout my school classes. I did not find any difficulty in teaching these PG students in English.

    Both my sons did their schooling in Malayalam medium only. Both are now well placed after taking their PG degrees (first one is an MA in Econometrics and a PG diploma in Business Management; the second one is an MCA and working with Infosys in USA for the last six years).

    I chose these examples from my personal experience only to highlight that learning the subject is more important than developing the capacity to speak in English fluently. This capacity will automatically be developed.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Thank u for your valuable comment Mr.TM Sankaran,
    I absolutely agree with your comment.

    I say that 99% percent of the aided management school teachers were posted illegally in Kerala. Government donot see this or allow the managers to make money. The Real Money making Schools....Bribe education? Are these teachers model for us..?

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    I completely agree with you. Because in the method of learning children should first study the mother tongue through short stories and short rhymes.But these days teachers give primary preference to English language to increase the reputation of the school.Children are completely unaware what they are studying.

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    Most of the parents and students thinking that CBSE is the best so they use their children to study in CBSE schools. But most of there schools take teachers from less expirence. But in Kerala it look both education level and training also.

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    Government schools are always government schools,just like any ordinary government establishment-slow and inefficient(allmost 90% of the schools)
    Its only when you enter the PRIVATE sector that you really use your actual potential.So,only in PRIVATE sector can you expect good,motivated and resourceful teachers.
    After the initial competition to get into a government post,most teachers do not work well,because they get paid whether they work or not.So,even if they were good,not much do they actually contribute while working!
    Its only a false view that government school teachers are the best!

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