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    "Laika" the space hero dog

    "Laika" the space hero dog
    It was on November 3, 1957. The clock hit at 19:12 pm .
    Laika the stray dog is wondering where he is going to.
    During his past days, he used to run here and there in Moscow streets and now the situation is totally different.
    Yes, he is going to some where. Some where in the sense "far, far"
    "Far, far" means "to the space"
    Laika the first living creature who reached the space by Sputnik 2 launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome (now Kazakhstan).
    Laika was accompanied with enough food in the form of jam and the control room took control of the animal's vital signs telemetry.
    But Laika died a few hours of being in space due to overheating and stress of the mission, even though he was trained to withstand those situations in the research plant itself.
    The satellite Sputnik 2 had orbited the earth 2,570 times and it was in space for 163 days,
    On April 14, 1958 it came into contact with the atmosphere and exploded
    At that time the few remains of Laika would be turned into ashes.
    "Laika" -the real Slum dog millionaire.

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    Though it looks like sad story, of a stray dog Laika is a hero or the real slum dog millionaire as described by Mr Hameed. Left to itself it would have continued to live the life of a stray dog wandering here and there in the streets of Moscow perhaps creating nuisance or probably caught by the Municipal staff and killed.

    Instead Laika rose to the position of a hero by being the pioneer in space mission and perhaps guided to take precaution for subsequent venture in space shuttle. However unfortunately it died in space and later due to the explosion of the rocket, it was fragmented. It is now about 55 years old story.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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