Freedom fighter's struggle for Pension release

Kuttan Pilla of Ilanthur, in Pthanamthitta of Kerala is going from pillar to post for last 16 years, 10 years under the 'comrades' and 6 years under the 'Gandhi followers'. There is absolutely no dearth of promises of early release of the pension amount. Even upto the level of Chief Ministers the promises are showered on the poor hapless freedom fighter. We are celebrating the 65th year of Independence.

In my schooldays without knowing the meaning we sued to discuss about the Maveli Song which says that people at the time of Maveli's rule were like '1' and ow the people are like the Malayalam letter one. Even now it very much so. At the time of Maveli people used to be straight not only physically but mentally also. That is to say that people were straight. Now we are like the Malayalam one that is to say that the B P L people are bent due to malnutrition and the minds of the rulers (politicians) are also bent not straight forward.

Another proverb is 'Onam vannalum Unni pirannalum Korane kanji kumbililthanne'.
That is to say that whether it is the comrades or the Gandhians, the fate of the downtrodden is same - to go from pillar to post for relief.