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    Discuss: Do we need more malayalam Television Channels?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do we need more malayalam Television Channels?'.We have enough channels running at the moment with number of serials. Most of them are good for nothing. Here comes another channel to keep viewers engaged with advertisement.

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    There is no need for more T V Channels. In fact some channels can be closed down. What is required is a coordination between the various channels and telecast programs in such a way that there are choices for all viewers to watch program of their choices.

    At present all channels will have programs of similar type. If one channel is having Mohanlal film al other channels will have films of Mohanlal. If the serial of one channel is a particular type all other channels will have similar serials in their channels. This practice should be changed.

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    Ramanathan A R

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    It is a fact that most of the Malayalam channels are lacking in producing quality materials. They are depending on cinemas. I very often used to wonder what will happen to these channels if the cinema people insist that their materials should not be shown through these small screen.
    Now it is the reality shows that are common to most of the channels. This also has become rather repetition.Many of the participants appear in shows shown by different channels. Once they are out in one channel they go to another channel!

    Twenty minutes programme is shown in 30 minutes with ads spread in between. These ads are also so useless and convey unscientific messages.

    Still I am told that about twenty more channels are in the green room getting ready to appear before the Malayalam viewers !!

    Gold Member, SPK

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    We have enough TV Channels at present and no need more.. Most of the channels does not providing useful programs and they are launching only with the intention of making money..channels are now going with the influence of ads and reality shows..and some ads destroying our culture.
    They are competing each other to attract people and copying the shows from other channels.

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    Whatever be the thing ,if too many it will become boring.So there is no need for more malayalam channels.The existing channels should improve the quality of the programmes.Instead they are competing with each other and showing same type of programmes.Over influence of ads is also there .Most of the serials are of low standard.The reality shows also too many.

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    We already have lot of malayalam channels available and all of them are providing almost similar programs like reality shows and serials. Its better if they can provide different quality programs instead of starting new channels.

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