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    Raising of retirement age for government employees in kerala


    All might have read that the Government of Kerala is considerng the possibilities of raising the retirement age for Govt employees .For this the Government have constitued a Cabinet Sub - Committee to discuss the matter with the Service Organisations and others.In yesterday's meeting all the Service Organisations showed green signal.Various discussions and guess work regarding raising of retirement age of Government employees are put to rest, at least for the time being . The Government have to generate sufficient job opportunities for the youth to compensate for raising of retirement age.The idea is to have the youth not to be affected by the proposal if implemented .As unemployment is a big problem and and getting a government job is a dream for all this new development might not be a good news for the youth. Let us have a discussion on this matter .Please share your views.

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    The decision of raising the retirement age for government employees is not at all a good news for youth. Aged people may work or not for few more years, that is not the problem. Then now the government should provide other openings to youth in the government sector. Passing graduates now mainly search for government jobs. Many coaching centers now provide coaching when PSC exams comes. That all for targeting the openings in government sector. So that it is not a good news for youth. Hope for more encouraging movements for youth from the government side.


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    Hi Sujatha, the decision to raise the retirement age of government employees is shocking to the youths. It is not a wise choice at all. The government employees are also going to suffer due to this decision. Even though it is not confirmed there are high chances for this decision to come alive. The topic is under observation by lots of organization and government employees. The implementation of this decision means that the youths will have to wait for more years to enter in government services. 5 years will be added to every person working in government services now. This means that those vacancies will not be open for 5 years from now. This will bring a lot of unstability in the current employment programs. Government employees will not have pension as well. This will not be comforting for the people. I stand against this decision strongly anyway.
    Arunraj Essar

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    Hi Sujatha

    It is not a good decision to raise the retirement age of government employees in Kerala. Unemployment is increasing daily. The number of candidates with good qualification is very high. If the retirement age of employees in government service of Kerala is increased, then how the future generation will get a job? So in my opinion, the retirement age should not be increased. Give the future generation a chance to work in government services of Kerala.


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    I think the decision by the kerala government is not at all good.The young people are waiting out side to get in side.By the foolish decision the government gives injustice.The employees also be in risk due to this.because they need rest life. So in my opinion the decision is not fare

    Jabir Aslam

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    The news of increase in retirement age is really shocking for all the youth. Does the government mean to say that they wont give any govt job to the youth.
    i have caste my vote for UDF looks like that has been a very bad decision. They are ruining our life with decision like these.

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    It is a fact that raising the age of retirement of Govt. employees in Kerala need thorough discussion at all levels. There are many educated- unemployed in Kerala, expecting a Government job. Many prefer Govt' jobs for several reasons. One major reason is security of the service, added with the pensionary benefits. In no private sector one can expect a security, forget about pension.
    In Govt. service nobody is worried about the result. Once get selected to post the person become part of a large machinery moving slowly and making sure that his position is always safe. Many, except a small percentage, are not concerned about the problems of others.
    A central Govt employee retires at 60, while his counter part in the State retires at 55 ! According to the latest census, Kerala population has an average life length of 74, which is highest in the nation. So the number of retired persons will soon be crossing the number in position.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Agreeing to what you have said, govt can think of many alternatives to sort this issue. If they want to increase the retirement they have to make sure they create same number of govt job through new govt partnership companies or other ways. These are things something which govt would have thought years back not in the 11th hour.
    If govt feel that 55 age people are worth or asset to the govt because of their experience govt can make use of them in different ways there are many pvt companies looking for retired qualified person why cant govt do that.
    Therefore there are many practical ways but thinking of raising the retirement age to 60 will create a bunch of unemployed people whose efficiency are a lot better than aged (55years) people and they might get involve in antisocial activities.
    so saying central govt has age of 60 so why cant state make it 60 is not at all a good excuse to increase the kerala state retirement age.

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