C M oomman Chandy walked out of Interview

It was reported in the media that the Chief Minister Oommen Chandy walked out an interview program of a private channel. Of recent it is the fashion of the channel editors to be rude and impudent with whom they interview or comment. The freedom of the press is being maximum abused by the reporters and the editors. Since the channels are in competition with each other, even if one channel want to keep the standard, it will not be possible due to the unhealthy competition and the urge to show self as the super hero of the lot. This is disastrous tendency.

In the interview with the C M the interviewer is reported to have been aggressive and uncivil. Hence the C M quietly walked out of the program.

There is no doubt that there should be full freedom to the press in reporting facts. But this freedom should not be abused for the reporting of fictions concocted by the media or on the reporters' half baked ideas or assumptions. The reporting have bearings with people and they should be impartial and give equal chance to every one to express his/her views.

It is high time that the Associations of the journalists and others connected with the news reporting introduce some standards and insist on its adherence to the same by their members.