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    Discuss: What can be done against the hike in petrol price?

    The price of petrol again hit the market and now the price is almost 70 rupees per litre. The government is saying that the rise in price is due the decrement of the value of Indian Rupees in International market. Actually the price of petrol per litre is around 25 rupees. But when all taxes are included into the base value it is coming around Rs 70. This hike in petrol price will result in price rise of all other commodities.

    One way it is right that the government has to impose the tax on the fuel. But do you know what the petrol price in the neighbouring countries. it is at an average of 30 rupees. But what is the condition in India, more than double. Only in European countries the price is more than that of India. But the life style and the basic living expense is entirely different from that of our country.

    so please discuss your opinion regarding this price rise and what can be done against this.
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    Hi Ibrahim
    Fuel price hike another challenge faces India today .In my opinion Government will motivate to produce successive alternatives for petrol and diesel.Other wise Government have to undertake control of Fuel industries.I hope a decrement in petrol price in coming days.
    With regards

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    Hi Ajmal,

    everyone was hoping that the price will decrease in the coming future. But the things are happening on the other way. Oil companies are playing as if the ball is in their court. So the government must take some immediate measures to control such matters.


    Ibrahim N

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    Petrol in India is more dearer now. In Pak it is only Rs 17, while Malaysia it is Rs 18 BUT in India it is Rs 70 per litre. Why is there a difference within India itself? World Market CRUDE Oil is not the reason for this. It's all Gain for private owners? As we are the general public, or Common Man as R.K.Laxman would have said, we have to raise our voice and the networking has to play an important role. Apolitical leaders should emerge to help the common man. It has been calculated that if everyone did not purchase a drop of petrol for one day and all at the same time, the oil companies would choke on their stockpiles. At the same time it would hit the entire industry with a net loss over 4.6 billion dollars which affects the bottom lines of the oil companies. A FOOD FOR THOUGHT !
    Sreekumar Nair

    "Proud to be an indian"

    NO & YES are two short words, which need a long thought..., most of the things we miss in life are due to saying NO too soon or YES too late. Have a great day.

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    suddenly government under controll the petrol price listing and after a normel price value in the market.this is a game the oil company and ministry.
    mohmd musthafa

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