Discuss: How to save Kerala from Leptospirosis (Rat Fever)

The death toll due leptospirosis (Rat Fever) cases in the state has gone up to 14 with nine more persons succumbing to death. So many new cases of rat fever are being reported from different parts of Kerala. Most of the cases are reported from the Malabar region and some new cases have been also reported from Ernakulam.

Government is taking all the necessary steps to control the spreading of the disease. But it is the responsibility of all common to control the basic reasons responsible for the transmission of the disease. The health department authorities have decided to send a expert group of doctors to Kozhikode to study regarding the reasons for the spreading of this contagious disease.

Leptosprosis is an infectious disease cause by a type of bacteria called spirochete. This disease is transmitted by many animals which includes rats, raccoons, foxes and other vermin. It is even transmitted through contact with soil or water that are contaminated with the waste products of infected animals. The main symptoms of the disease are dry cough, fever, headache, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting and shaking chills.These symptoms may take 2 - 26 days (at an average of 10 days)to develop in the body of infected patient. Any person having any of such symptoms must consult a doctor immediately and should take necessary precautions.

So everyone please suggest your opinions that should betaken to control the spreading of the disease and to save Kerala from rat fever.