Kerala in threat of fever diseases

Rat fever is creating a dangerous situation in Kerala mainly in Kozhikode district. In Kozhikode there were 13 people died because of rat fever and 5 is in hospital. The death rate became 13 within the last 3 days. It is no doubt that this becomes a big threat to people. However the Health department does nothing against this threat. Precaution steps are not taken yet and it should be too late because 13 of people died within these 3 days in Kozhikode.

Other districts in Kerala also suffering from various diseases like rat fever, hepatitis-B. It is reported that in Ernakulam, 6 people were died because of rat fever and 5 were died because of Hepatisis.

The Health department saying that they took action against the continuing death, but the increasing death rate describes another picture. The public ask the problem that there is not much facility in primary health centers for curing these diseases. Kottayam district also coming to a bad situation. Like this there is a chance to spread these kinds of diseases all over the state. So It is the time to take a immediate action to stop this threat.