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    What is actual health situation in Kerala?

    For few days news channels and news papers reported that Keralitis suffering lot of health problems like chickungunniea and dinky fever. According to the news channel reports these diseases are spreading across the Kerala especially in urban area. These are seasonal diseases but authorities says that the same climate also present in other states but they do not having this problems. The medical authorities say that it is due to lack of proper treatment at correct time. In my opinion mosquitoes and wastes in Kerala day to day increases, these unhygienic situation are the main causes of spreading of these types of diseases. But our government will not trying to take any action against these problems. What is your opinion?


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    I say Kerala is Same Waste Bucket.That is the Problum.
    Keralaites Every day clean our body and house.
    But Our out place note cleaning vell.
    So clean our area. stop health problems.

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    Kerala is a GODS OWN COUNTRY. But god is examining kerala with epidemics and disease. Now we can hear that a new type of fever has emerged in kerala namely Rat fever. This resulted in death of many people. And still it continues. The government has to take more important decisions to overcome these. But it is not the only duty of government, its the duty of every citizen. First of all, cleanliness is the main important factor. We keralites have a specialty, we ourselves may be clean, but we keep our surroundings dirty. In the main cities like calicut, palakkad, cochin etc. the main problem is this. We can see that the wastes of restaurants, hotels and coolbars are being dumped in the cities. they should be first removed.

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    First Think all Keralites wy come the fever in the state .wy die the people? 27 cases of rat fever have been confirmed in the state so far. 15 in Kasargod, 4 in Kannur, 3 in Thrissur, 3 in Ernakulam, 1 each in Malappuram and Alappuzha. More than hundred persons are undergoing treatment for rat fever in the state.I think clean our area stop the problem.

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    This topic is now very relevant to discuss and it is the time to take action to save our state from diseases. The main reason of these diseases is the huge waste in our surroundings. But just think, these wastes are not from the nature. We people put the waste on our surroundings. Yesterday I saw in news that one man make average 400 grams of waste in one day. Is it fair?

    We cannot use a thing without waste. Vegetable and food waste can make as organic fertilizer. Like this, waste may use as many ways without damage to our environment. We know that plastic bags are not an organic waste. So it's not decompose in soil. Then why we use that. People carelessly throw plastic to our surroundings. It causes many diseases. For example after a rain the waste bags store some water in it and mosquitoes lay eggs in the water.

    So every man should careful about his health and his surroundings. Many of the diseases never comes when we are alert.

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