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    Discuss: Development of Industrial sector in Kerala

    Tourism and human resources are the two major sectors that the state government is focusing on. The government is not concerned on industrial sector while most of the states are making a good revenue from industrial sector. Is the government not interested or whether the companies are not ready to set up their industries in Kerala?

    One way we cannot blame the government. The present scenario is not proper for the companies to set up their Industries. The initial capital required to set up their infrastructure in our state is much higher comparing to other states. The main reason is the high price of land in kerala. This force them to move to northern states like Haryana and Punjab where the lands are available at very low price. Moreover the frequent strikes, labour union problem makes them to move away from our state. So we cannot blame the government for the unemployment and development issues. Definitely they have to do their part, but all individuals are responsible for the above issues
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    While all the states in the country are trying hard to woo industrialists to set up industries in their respective states, only two states could not make any progress. One of the two is our own state. What is the reason for this state of the situation? Our political system and the attitude of the people of the state.Let us take one example. About 7 years back the Cochin smart city project was finalized and was to start. But immediately thereafter the Government changed. The new Government wanted show that they are the real saviors of the state and wanted show that they are one up against the other. and dragged the matter for long and finally with some minor changes resigned the agreement and that Government also went out shortly. In the normal circumstances this
    Government should have followed the predecessor and made some small changes to show to the people of Kerala that they are better than the previous. But fortunately this Government took a positive stand and decided to go ahead with project.

    Another obstacle is the agitation attitude of the people. for anything and everything the red flags will come out. Who would like to take that types of risks. Actually the people are much more skilled, intelligent and well informed and they have no match if they start work as is proved by those who go outside the state and shine in their respective jobs.

    The Russia has gone out of the dogmatic politics and China is going all out to be an industrial giant. But our comrades are proud and firm in their belief which was relevant about 20 to 30 years back. But there is one redeeming feature for us and that is that at least one member from almost every family will be outside and there will be some income for the families.

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    Ramanathan A R

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    The main reason is strikes,labour union problem ,electric city,water and high price of land in kerala. many many reason .The government is not interest on industrial sector why ? main one of the reason at least one member from almost every family will be going to outside india. he was yerly 50,000 crore rs send to kerela that is main income .other income Tourism that is just running .

    WE want change our political system and the attitude.Government decided a positive stand and Definitely to come in companies , Industries.

    Just one company start to our state .running one or six momnth will be make labour union problem .


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