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    The two child norms proposed by justice v.r.krishna iyer

    The proposed bill has the violation of fundamental rights. How many children to have are purely a couple's decision, which the state cannot interfere with it. The greatest wealth of the country is its people. The population graph of Kerala went up from 31.8 million in 2001, as per the census to 33.3 million in 2011. But Iyer recommendation will create an immoral culture that is in the depths of despair because it is anti-life. The bill will curb the population growth, but in the same time the people to compel to abort embryo.
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    Irrespective who said, it is a universally accepted norm to advise couples to have less number of children for several reasons. Let us see first why there should be more children. In the earlier times, there used to be an unwritten norm to have maximum number of children.Those days everything had to be done manually as no mechanization was prevalent and no automation.So the available work required more number of people to finish the same. Another reason was that there was no security to life as the epidemics, infectious diseases etc used to take a heavy toll on the population. To compensate this there was need for more births. Now the health condition is better and the mortality rate (death rate) is less. One more reason from security point is that the more the children the more work force to earn in the family. Things have changed now.

    Now let us see why we should have less population and hence less number of children. One reason is that the families get divided after the death of the head of the family. The property gets divided and as generations pass by, the available property will be less and it become uneconomical to cultivate and the available resources are not sufficient to maintain the family. To compensate this there should be more job opportunities. But due to automation the jobs are reduced. Till recently people used to get jobs outside like Gulf countries, USA and Australia etc. Now they are all making it difficult for the outsiders to get jobs there and for the people already there they are harassing so that these people will go back under pressure. If the population increase unchecked, a time will come when there will be no place for people even to stand up. Even now even in small towns we can see flat system to meet the increasing demand of houses. Apart from all these the available national resources get divided and depleted alarmingly.

    Therefore small family, happy family is ideal or we two ours one.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    The two-child norm proposal was an outdated concept.generaly what is said read this.

    The two-child norm proposed by the commission was 'inhuman' and the government should reject the recommendations, which
    'violates' individual liberty and fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution, Indian Union Muslim League (IUML)
    Kerala unit President Panakkad Hyderali Shihab Thangal said in a statement at Malappuram district.The birth control recommended in the report in the name of controlling the population would encourage female foeticide,
    he said.

    The Constitution has given people the right to follow any religion and propagate it. Without considering religious
    beliefs and god, laws cannot be formed, he said. 'At a time when we take credit in our human resources, such recommendations does not befit to a developing country', he said.

    The two-child norm proposal was an outdated concept tested and rejected by even by European countries, Jamaat-e-islami
    Hind, a Muslim organisation, said.

    The Jamaat secretariat, which met here yesterday rejected the recommendations oc the commision.

    'The strength of a nation lay in its human resources and the recommendations to punish couples having more than two
    children was unrealistic', they said.

    Anweshi Women's Counselling Centre, an NGO here, said imposing restriction in the number of children by the state
    could not be tolerated.

    'We strongly oppose such a regulation. It is the right of the women to decide how many children they need and the state
    could not interfere into', K Ajitha, President, of the centre, said.

    There was need protest the tendency to impose family planning law in a democratic country, she said. Organisations including 'Ithihadu Shubbanil Mujahideen' and 'Sunni Yuvajana Sangham' had also opposed the proposal.

    catholica sabha all ready rejected this report.Kerala is not accepted this report.


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