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    A man beaten to death based on a doubt !

    The report from Perumbavoor that a person was beaten by two or three persons just presuming that he stole some cash. As a proof the cash was collected from the suspected person. But on enquiries it is reported that the cash was not the stolen one, but the person was carrying with him.

    How can the people act like this on the basis of simple doubts? People are loosing their sense and wisdom even for silly reasons ? How can they kill somebody even if he was a thief?
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    Raghu, the man got killed, was carrying the money he had taken as a loan on something. According to the reports, the murder was intentional. Because there had reportedly a confrontation between them earlier. The spark may have resulted in this kind of a brutal murder.. Nikhil

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    It is a very bad and sad incident. But this is not an isolated incident. We can find people being beaten black and blue for alleged or actual theft or some other crime instead of catching and handing over to the police. In every case whether the person is really involved or not if someone say that he is a thief or corrupt etc immediately some few jump to start torturing if the victim is available or start making noise concluding that the victim is thief or corrupt etc. They make such a noise that it will be difficult for those concerned to find out the truth impartially. Once the few start a vast section of the spectators join the chorus. That is the situation now.

    But about 3 -4 years back I came across with a refreshing incident near my place of residence. One day early in the night there was a commotion near about my house. When I came out I found one person was caught by one of my neighbors and had informed the police. He was waiting with the chain snatcher for the police. In the meantime some 4 - people came and was trying to beat the snatcher. But the person who caught the snatcher did not allow them to beat. When they started arguing with the catcher, he told them that he had done a mistake and I caught him and am going to hand over the police who are on the way. The police will deal with the case. Those who wanted chance to beat tried to tell that the police may not do anything if the victim pay money to them. My neighbor told them that the snatcher was wielding a knife and you were all afraid of going near to him. When I caught him risking injury you want to beat him. He has done a wrong but you also want to do wrong. 2 wrongs do not make the mistake right. There are rules and procedures to deal with such cases and the law will take its course. This is a very rare happening. Most of the cases will be the other way.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    This incident shows that the life of common people is not secure. Kerala is becoming the capital of gundaism. The polititions are supporting them because they also need them. The public in Kerala should realize that most of the criminals in Kerala are in Kerala police. In the above mentioned incident one of the accused was a policeman and he is the gunman of congress MP Sudhakaran. This is not the first incident whech is a proof of criminals in Kerala police. If there are criminals in a police force how they can protect the public from criminals? Even after several incidents the Government could not eliminate criminals from Kerala police.

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    It was a very bad as well as sad news...
    Our law should send those people to jail and give a massive punishment..
    This is the only way to stop such horrible tactics..
    But our law is absolutely weak!!!!!!!!!!!!

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