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    Throwing waste in the public is a crime.

    Hon'ble High Court of Kerala have pronounced that throwing waste in plastic kits in the public places will be considered as punishable crime. It is a welcome directive from the Hon'ble Court.
    The important issue here is how to locate the persons who throw waste like this. What is generally observed is that people travelling in two or four wheeler just throw the waste in a desolated place. Nobody will notice this. So catching hold of such culprits will be a problem.
    Already there is a order from the Court to catch hold of smokers in the public. But the smoking and selling cigarette are very common in most of the places. Police also are not so keen in implementing the law.
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    I think, it is a good decision from Kerala high court. Because our green state almost fill with domestic, industrial waste etc. Now days peoples are trying to remove wastes from their residents. So most of cases, they choose road sides, vaccant places and water resources like river for dipposal of waste. Wastes is threat to our society because, it is main reason for epidemic diseases.
    It is actually acceptable movement from kerala high court, kerala police must try to implement this law very effectively. More over goverment should give alternate solution for waste dipposal.
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    It is a welcome and overdue action of the court. It should have been done by the Government and vigorously implemented. While smoking in public is prohibited, selling in shops are not yet prohibited to my knowledge. Anyway as Sri Sankaran stated, mere law is not enough. It should be implemented in all earnestness and the police has a big role in implementing the law.

    I feel the Government of Kerala should find some time from its mundane duties of infighting and fighting with its enemies. The Government should instruct the police department to catch the defaulters and get punishments to them. This will deter others and the order become valid. Let us hope that there will be some action in this regard.

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    Selling cigarettes in shops and distributing the same at public functions (like marriage, reception, etc)are not allowed. Ernakulam district has been declared as a tobacco free district. I have seen a shop man near the South Railway station asking a smoker, who was smoking in front of his shop, to move away, so that the police, if noticed, would not get hold of him (the shop owner).
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    Previously, placement of cylindrical concrete waste bins, enabled the public to legally dispose of waste in them. Today the absence of bins, poses a question. Should household waste be accumulated in homes, where they will become putrefied and be a source of disease, or should waste collection be on a daily basis? Currently waste is collected only twice a week, and the garbage collectors, put in their appearance for certain only on the 1st day of every month, when they are sure of payment for what should be a free service. Perhaps the courts should compel the civic authorities to provide regular waste collection, or alternatively, provide suitable bins, before resorting to punishing the general public.

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    Throwing waste in public place is not a good thing because it not only effect as but also all others in that particular place. It will also create communicable diseases.

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