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    Mullaperiyar issue and politicians

    Now that the issue of Mullaperiyar dam has become a hot topic for discussion in Kerala. No doubt it is not something to be played with. A definite action need to be taken without further delay. Construction of a new dam is only the option left with us. Go ahead with it.

    This issue is there long,since the dam was constructed more than hundred years back. Several political parties ruled our State during that long period. No one seemed to be much interested in safeguarding the life of lakhas of Keralites. Now when the issue has come to a very serious level certain politicians have started to make advantage of the same. True that action need to be taken on this issue, soon, it is already late. But the actions of such politicians and their parties are just for gaining out of the turmoil.
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    It is right that strong action is to be taken regarding the Mullaperiyar issue. It has been years that since this enigma started to frighten the people. But it can't be said that the state government haven't done anything. For years, Kerala and Tamil Nadu governments have been at loggerheads and fighting legally. But, most of the time we had to bow our head before the verdicts against us. At least now, let's hope that the eyes of the law may open to us.

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    Hi sir,
    I think you are correct, Most of politicians has taken Mullaperiyar as simple thing. If we continue this sleepy state, we will see a big disaster in Kerala state. All political parties tie up on Mullaperiyar issue, Come forward with strong opposition against Tamilnadu's decisions.

    With regards

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    Dear sir
    Mullaperiyar is now became an question in our state. Some of the politicians doing good but it would not brave a good challenge to it.

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    Again the new developments on the issue show that the national parties are not much interested in Kerala's problem. The life of lakhs of Keralites is nothing to them, they are more concerned with Tamil Nadu. So the problem is not going to solved, as could be seen from the moves.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    The Chief Minister had already taken up the matter with the P M. He has taken initiative for discussion with his counter part in Tamilnaddu. The State has approached the S C for restricting the water level to 120 feet. In a dispute between 2 states of the country is it possible to post the army of the state (police force) to attack the other state as it used to happen when the states were countries like Travancore, Cochin, Kozhikode etc? The matter is under S C jurisdiction and the case is going on.

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    Ramanathan A R

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    Yes, the political leaderships in both the states have failed miserably in resolve the issue without drawing the people of Kerala out on the streets.


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    Kerala Government reported to High Court that, if Mullaperiyar disaster will happen it will affect around 40 lakhs of people in Kearla. The disaster will clear out the complete flora and fauna nearby the Mullaperiyar dam. The construction of a new dam is only a possible solution to avoid the risk of Mullaperiyar disaster.
    Tamil Nadu should consider the feelings of Kerala because the Mullaperiyar dam matters the life of many people. More than political bargains or regional satisfactions, it affects the life of innocent people. At any cost there must be a solution in the problem of Mullaperiyar.


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    If it is the case of mullapperiyar ....the politicians have always been sleeping.....

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