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    The problem of MULLAPPERIYAR

    is mullapperiyar collapse or not?.tamilnadu says that 14 ton of surki lossess on mullapperyar on the question of our minister pj joseph.but,tamilnadu asks to increase the level of water in dam to 152.suppose,it takes place,the 15km place fall to underwater near to the periyar'kaduva sanketham'.the tourists will never go there.a super policy for 999 years.value of water per year is another comady..7.5 lack!
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    Please do not simplify the issue as a loss of a tourist centre (Periyar Kaduva Sanketham).The collapse of the dam will amout to the removal of almost four districts from the map of Kerala, Idukki, Kottayam, Ernakulam and Alappuzha. Perhaps portions of other adjacent districts also may be affected. Kerala's most populated and industrial capital, Kochi will not be there, if a calamity happens like the collapse of the Mullaperiyar dam.
    If Mullaperiyar collapses the water in it will reach Idukky dam and other dams on the way, which will also collapse due to the impact. So the amount of water that may gush through will be so huge and nothing can prevent it on the way until it reaches in the Arabian sea.So it will be complete washing of everything on the way, including all life and properties. Can you imagine this ?

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    A.G Says that the three dams in idukki district can capacity to stop if mullapperiyar collapse.water level on mullapperiyar today is 136.4.
    A.G's openion may cause loss of kerala's case.wait for tomarrow.

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    The strength of the dam, capacity and the danger etc are technical matters which only the experts can comment. We also do not know as to what exactly is the agenda of political parties, as their main aim appears to fool the people. The agreement became void after we go independence. At that time the Government of Kerala and all the leaders who are shedding the crocodile tears over the danger to innocent people failed to take a correct stand and allowed the lease agreement to be renewed. Only the rent appears to have been increased.

    If the Government and the political leaders are genuinely interested in protecting the interests of Kerala, they should study all aspects of the issue to find out any loop- hole in the provisions. They should have a clear understanding as to the issue to be presented. If it safety factor, even now it is not too late to get a small group of experts in the field of earthquake, structural engineering etc to study the issue and give a report and then proceed.

    If it is some other issue, there need not be beating around the bush. The matter has to be taken on a straight course and fight out. We should also not forget the fact that the dam is supplying water to Melur, Madurai, Sivaganga, Thirumangalam and Usilampatti areas for agriculture and other purposes. Though they may not bother about the lives of the people residing in the area which may be affected in event of damage to the dam, they will have serious concern about the loss of water supply. If that happens, they cannot be sure of getting any water again from that source.

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    I think that the mullapperiyar issue is only a political trick of central to complete 'koodamkulam' project.because no one state can't hope collapse of an other state which depends on that state.

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