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    Do you think the Advocate General should continue ?

    The latest news is that the state ministry has decided not to take any action against the Advocate General K P Dandapani. The Advocate General had earlier made a statement in High Court that the water level in Mullaperiyar dam has no relation with the security concern over the dam. Many leaders came forward criticizing him. He failed to express the true facts in the court. And now the ministry, despite even the protests from UDF itself, is protecting him. Do you think it is right ?
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    I think Advocate General k.p Dandhapani is right. Because he answered just a question from high court. The question was can idukki dam handle the water from mullaperiyar dam. But medias and policticians are misunderstand his statement and start to hunt him. But kerala government now took right decision to continue on his position as Advocate General.
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    I do not think that there is anything wrong in the statement of the A G. In fact the dam is built to hold water. Not only that the S C has ordered to increase the height which will again increase the storage capacity of the dam. How it is going to affect the dam's safety. As of now there are conflicting views on the possible danger to the dam due to earthquakes. Therefore there is no necessity for the change in advocate general. Any advocate can represent only on the basis of the briefs given to him.

    If the Government and the political party wants to serve the interests of the people around the dam area for whom they are shedding crocodile tears, they should find competent experts in the field of earthquake and the structural engineers and form a small committee to go into every aspect of the safety of the dam on priority basis and give their findings. They should also appoint a committee of the bureaucrats to go through the original agreement of the British period and the later one of 1970 by C Achutha Menon, the findings of the central water resources department inquiries, the submissions of the Tamilnadu to the S C and central Government etc and give their opinion as to what is the rights of Kerala and to proceed in the matter. And all the leaders are to shut their rubber mouths.

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    The question of changing the AG is discussed only on the basis of the news we get from different media.Actually what has happened is still not clear. Opinions by the minister concerned and other ministers are also not in the same line. As an advocate generally he might have presented the details given to him by the Govt. Later reports have appeared in the media that the details were presented before the court with the knowledge of the Law ministry. We don't know the details.Politicians go on saying something on one day and on the next day they change it !
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