Winter industrial training 2012: Nextsapiens

Winter Industrial training 2012 on
Robotics Embedded systems and Image Processing
Advance Robotics
PCB and Microcontroller Hardware Designing

Starting dates: 5th December, 15th December, 22nd December, 4th January and 15th January 2011-12

1. Robotics Embedded systems and Image Processing:

Programming Languages : Matlab, Embedded C and Basic
Training Program includes 3 Programming Languages and 22 practical projects.

Practical Projects on Robotics and Embedded systems:

1. Touch screen panel
2. Autonomous Line follower robot
3. Autonomous Maze solver Robot
4. Temperature control unit
5. GSM control machine
6. Analog and Digital Sensor Interfacing and calibration
7. Metro Train Prototype
8. PC Control robot
9. Autonomous Obstacle avoidance Robot
10. Autonomous Object follower Robot
11. Autonomous Light follower Robot
12. Interfacing and Display of Data on LCD

Practical projects on image Processing:

1.Ball follower Robot using image processing
2.Autonomous Traffic Light control system
3.Anti Theft system
4.Making Graphical user interface in MATLAB
5.Car Parking system
6.Image Aqcuition
7.Image conversion
8.Image Transformation
10.Image matching

2. Advance Robotics:

Projects Based Training on Advance Intelligent systems
Location: Noida

Nextsapiens launches 7 days training program in the field of Advance Robotics

Training Program includes hands on experience of working and designing 8 different applications related to Advance Robotics and Embedded Systems

Practical Projects on Advance robotics:

1.Generating Electricity while walking
2.New sense: explore the novel interaction technique based on Image Processing
3.Human Body Interfaced robot
4.Hand Interface robot ( desiging of WII remote) to control the functionality of the robot
5.Balancing Robot ( Robot balancing and moving on 2 wheels)
6.Home automation using sensors and remote control device
7.Directional Touch screen control Robot
8.Scrolling on touch screen to make robot move in any particular direction.

The training will also include basic robotics exercises like line follower robot, Obstacle avaoidance robot, sensor interfacing and calibration, motor control, lcd display and many more

3.. PCB and Microcontroller Hardware Designing:

Nextsapiens launches 7 days training program in the field of Embedded System and PCb designing.

Training Program includes 1 Microcontroller, 2 Programming Languages and 10 practical projects.

Learn the Hardware Implementation of a Bread Board

Microcontroller : - Atmega16
Programming Languages : Embedded C and Basic

Practical Projects:

1. Implementing micro controller circuit and its features on the bread board
2. Designing of Powersupply to Microcontroller
3. Designing of ISP for programming the microcontroller
4. Interfacing LCD with Micro controller on bread Board
5. Interfacing of ADC and analog sensors with Microcontroller
6. Interfacing of Motors via L293D with Microcontroller on Bread Board
7. Circuit and sensor designing
8. Circuit layout desigining using E.A.G.L.E
9. Interfacing of Digital devices with Microcontroller
10. PCB desiging

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