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    Revolutionary Marxist Party leader T.P. Chandrasekharan's murder

    T.P. Chandrasekharan (TPC), Revolutionary Marxist Party (RMP)leader was brutally murdered by a suspected group of persons including some members of the CPIM. TPC was an activist of CPIM till 2008 when he resigned from that party and joined the RMP. The Congress party has made a 12 hour sit in protest at Badagara which was attended by the Chief Minister. The political parties are expected to take advantage of situations happening in the State. But I think it need not go to such a low level. The Congress party Government is investigating the murder and they would have faith in the investigations and should have waited for the outcome of the investigations. There are several murders taking place in the state. Is the Congress party going to do the sit in protest in every case? Just because 2 or 3 CPIM members are arrested, it does not prove that the CPIM itself is involved in the murder. There were several members and even high ranking leaders of CPIM who have left the part earlier and there were no murders in most of the cases. The motive for the murder has to be found to come to a proper conclusion and people should wait instead of jumping into cheap protest actions.
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    I also agree with Ramanathan sir, there are lot of murders is reported in our state. But no one get any popularity in media or in politics, but in case of TP media and political party's are used it as sensational issue to get notify by the citizens. They bring it as a celebrating issue. Political parties have made this news only in the sense of getting aid in forthcoming by election of Neyyatinkara. I think the murder case will get reduced news coverage after the election. Who ever did the murder, there is a man died, it was a brutal activity. Culprits should be punished, but it is very bad manner to create the view of some team or group has done it without proper evidence. We can wait for the investigation result. There is police to investigate the murder and they will find the culprits. There is no need of political party or media to interfere within the investigation. If they interfere with in the investigation, then what is the need of police? So in my opinion stop the allegation about the murder until get proper evidence about the culprit.

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